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CAREERSIN.SPACE assists Employees to find work in the International Space Industry (including space Internships).

In addition it can help Employees setup their own company, should they wish to become a Contractor or Entrepreneur.


CAREERSIN.SPACE locates the incredible talent required by the International Space Industry for Employers.

SHAWNA PANDYA interview – High On Space Medicine – with Sarah Begum

Physician, citizen scientist astronaut, aquanaut and medical expert Shawna Pandya teaches me all about space medicine – yes, there is such a thing! Watch this episode to learn about the cool projects she has worked on in zero gravity all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor and the fun scientific discoveries along the way. We even discuss surgery in space and how to treat a wound in space, inspired by the new George Clooney movie, Midnight Sky.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to Sarah’s You Tube channel!

Shawna Pandya

Sarah Begum

Supply Chain Fix can save job losses

The COVID 19 pandemic is a health crisis that has also created a global economic crisis.

Businesses have closed and employees lost their jobs either by being instructed to shut by their government, or through a dramatic loss of demand.

However, there are also businesses that are placed in peril because their supply chain (or that of their suppliers) have been disrupted.

Careers In Space (CIS) can most often help to overcome these issues. CIS has a direct network of 80,000+ of the space industry’s top professionals (these also include the related areas of Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber Security, Drones, Hypersonics, Immunology, Information & Communications Technology, Machine Learning, Medical Research, Optics, Robotics, Space Law, Space Medicine and Virtual Reality).

This direct network of 80,000+ (which is growing exponentially, even in these challenging times) expands out into a pyramid of millions of people that we can access.

In practice this means that we can Search and Interact using our technology and skills that we use for recruitment, for the task of finding whatever resources are blocked in your supply chain. This can be done with remarkable speed to match the urgency of the times.

If you (or your suppliers) need to fix the links in your supply chain, then please contact me now by Inmailing me at or emailing via

We are waiting to get you and your employees back on stream…

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