One of the things we like to do at Careers In Space is to not just show the latest rocket launch, but rather to introduce some of the fascinating people that make up the rapidly expanding space industry. These people are at all levels of the industry to show the opportunities for growth.

LEGACY by Sasha Novacek

Beth Clark:

As he walks up to the podium, his cloak bellows, the tassel on his cap flickers to match the purpose in his walk and the silence that permeates the one hundred year old grand hall allows space for the one hundred plus pairs of intently gazing eyes. The chancellor is tasked with a commencement speech for these to-be, eager graduates. The smartest thing he could do in this moment is not to tell the students how to strive for the highest pay check or take the next logical steps in their career. No, the smartest thing he could do is to offer this moment in time as an opportunity to step towards reflecting upon and creating their own legacies. Even if only one student remembers his words for days, weeks, years or a lifetime to come, in speaking he has made his mark.

Legacy is fundamental to what it is to be human. Leaving a legacy is an important part of your life’s work. A legacy develops from a life dedicated to self-reflection and purpose. What will be revealed and what will endure is a truthful and value driven body of living.

 – Beth Clark

 Notice the patterns. Notice the moments in which you are most happy or feel most connected. There are several ways in which I hope to work towards my legacy. And in doing so, I will need to keep myself in check by balancing that all important ‘bird’s-eye-view’ with a laser-like focus on the details.

I aim to be fully present, to be the best that I can be.

I aim to be well connected – connected to myself, my values, my passions and the spark in me that drives me to give 100%. I aim to be connected to others and to the world around me.

I aim to surround myself with people who are excelling in their field and have their own sense of purpose.

I aim to be a mentor for others. A mentor by definition is a more experienced or more knowledgeable person with an area of expertise. Everyone has some significant truth to impart to others that can be a source of guidance. The mentorship process involves an exchange of knowledge complimented by psychological and/or social support that is crucial to sustaining new mindsets.

I aim to smash past any barriers that will hinder me from staying on track and intertwined with my legacy. In April 2018 Scott Kelly – a former U.S. Navy captain, former military fighter pilot and test pilot, and a retired NASA astronaut – wrote of the restricting and socially construed perceptions that imply the level of intellect required to partake in Science. His article is titled, “I Was a Bad Student Who Became an Astronaut. Let’s Stop Telling People They Can’t Be Good at Science. Need I say more.

I aim to empower others to smash through their barriers too. Looking through the lens of ‘unfulfilled potential’ I can see that you are stronger than you think. You are capable, powerful, creative, and ready.

I aim to experiment, fail every now and then, explore and evolve on my hunt for the person I’ve not yet become.

I aim to hunt down my passions and pursue them, because that process is infectious. Passion comes from an outpouring of the interests and ideas that make a difference in one’s life. Pursuing them gives others permission to do so too. When I was a Group Manager for the first time on the Space School STEM study program at NASA, I took absolute joy in witnessing the growth of my students, whom I lead through personal development and earth and space science modules. I vividly recall having the whole room repeat back to me with conviction “I am going to be… unapologetically me.”

I hope that no matter what stage of life you are in, no matter what path you’re on, you will move with tenacity, purpose and fire as you entwine yourself with your legacy. What will your dent in the universe be?

LEGACY by Sasha Novacek

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