Senior Support Engineer (Avionic & System)

  • Full-Time
  • INDIA (Remote)
  • Posted 1 month ago
  • Salary: ₹ 2.1 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs,depending on experience
  • Must have security clearance, must be fluent in English
  • July 30, 2023

Company Details

Pioneering sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world


Job Description:

Scope of Position

This role is for a result-driven person with leader quality to be responsible for leading retrofit projects and technical service in the MRO. He or she shall be overseeing the progress towards project goals, and creating cohesive teamwork of the project teams in engineering. In addition, assist HoSE to manage the team dynamics throughout the projects and ensure the team’s focus on project deliverables, on target and at high level of airworthiness compliance.

Person for this role is to have high level of competency in avionic and system. Extensively experienced in retrofit projects and technical service in both Part 21 & Part 145 environment. Capable of working collaboratively with complex working parties and make first line decision in project matter related to airworthiness, make or buy and technical tradeoff.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist HoSE to manage the team dynamics throughout the projects and ensure the team’s focus on project deliverables.
  • Inter-department coordination for spare and resources required for project embodiment.
  • Make first line decision in project matter related to airworthiness, make or buy and technical thread off.
  • Act as technical interface between the customer, MRO and AHG.
  • Response to technical query within the time frame predefined by Network KPI.
  • Process technical query using WebTek with Network & Technical Support Manual defined quality and standard.
  • Leading development of avionic & system solution for retrofit and maintenance.
  • Evaluate design, repair and other technical documents. Transcribe them into relevant internal document format.
  • Perform damage/defect assessment, prepare report, proposes repair/rectification solution and liaisons with network counterparts for beyond O & I maintenance (network Level 1 scope.).
  • Formulate troubleshoot and repair solution for MRO and if necessary acquire agreement from AH/AHD.
  • Establish and maintain close relationship with AH Engineering and Technical Support community.
  • Synthesize Customer’s issues and prepare a detailed impact analysis for the yearly Product Improvement Plan.
  • Report local incident involving AHG products and report to network via ISII process.
  • Consolidation of technical return of experience (RETEX) by reporting key technical occurrences, recurrences or failure of the product.
  • Fleet data collection in regards to availability, ASB/EASB and other information required by AHG.
  • Provide coaching to team members, offering feedback and demonstrating the desired professionalism and expected work ethic.
  • Assist HoSE upholding ground rules and clearly assigning tasks, preventing conflict where possible and resolving it when it does arise.
  • Assist HoSE implementing company directive, ethic & compliance and export control policy.
  • Evaluate team performance, project cost & department resource, and propose improvements and corrective actions.
  • Master and maintain proficiency in IT tool related to job scope (WebTEK, Hyperion, ChildNeo, SCDM, Gsuite etc)
  • Support other activity within Support Engineering Department as required.

Background and Skills

Minimum Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Engineering (Aerospace/Aeronautics/Avionic Systems/E&E) or equivalent.
  • 8 years’ experience or more in engineering role involving Part 145 and Part 21. In addition 2 years or more team leading experience is preferred.
  • Experience in Part 21 function (non-post holder)
  • Post holder Part 21 is preferable

Other Qualification/Skills:

Able to communicate effectively in English in both verbal and written form.

Self-motived with good interpersonal skills, leadership and autonomy.

Team player with a positive approach to working together, able to work successfully as part of the team.

Be able to multi task in a fast paced environment, and able to work under pressure.

This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company’s success, reputation and sustainable growth.

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