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Squeezing big performance out of small satellites and CubeSats.

AAC Clyde Space, a leading New Space company, specialises in small satellite technologies and services that enable businesses, governments, and educational organisations to access high-quality, timely data from space. This data has a vast range of applications, from weather forecasting to precision farming to environmental monitoring, and is essential to improving our quality of life on Earth.

Our growing capabilities bring together three divisions: 

  • Space Data as a Service – delivering data from space directly to customers
  • Space missions – turnkey solutions that empower customers to streamline their space missions
  • Space products and components – a full range of off-the-shelf and tailor-made subsystems, components, and sensors

AAC Clyde Space aims to become a world leader in commercial small satellites and services from space, applying advances in its technology to tackle global challenges and improve our life on Earth.

Some of our clients include Horizon Technologies, Orbcomm, NSLComm, OHB Sweden, Intuitive Machines, Orbital Micro Systems, the United States Airforce Academy, UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and NASA.

AAC Clyde Space’s main operations are located in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA and South Africa, with partner networks in Japan and South Korea.

About this role

Omnisys Instruments AB is a subsidiary of AAC Clyde Space AB whose share is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. The Group’s operations are conducted in Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and in the US.

Omnisys has developed and delivered microwave and radiometer system for ground based and satellite platform for close to 30 years. The development team is agile, and we have a well-equipped lab for both instrument work up to THz frequencies and space qualification. These instruments often requires high electrical performance, high precision manufacturing, low weight and power consumption. We are also producing mechanical high precision parts in our in-house work shop. We are a tight organization and there is a great possibility to have a broad responsibility.

We are now entering into a new phase with very exciting projects with satellites including advanced radiometer receivers between 50-650 GHz. We are also working on receivers at THz level, and we now need to expand our team.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Mechanical design with Solid Works, documentation and drawings are made in the daily work. You will also co-operate with the internal workshop as well as external workshops. You will also work with suppliers of surface treatments as well as suppliers of other mechanical parts. We are mostly working with milled aluminum parts with tight tolerances and surface treatment.

Skills Desirable:

  • Experience with Solid works or similar CAD-system
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Mechanical simulations (optional)
  • Thermal simulation (optional)
  • Experience from relevant tests (optional)
  • Experience from surface treatment (optional)

Tagged as: CAD, tolerance analysis, mechanical simulations

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