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Squeezing big performance out of small satellites and CubeSats.

AAC Clyde Space, a leading New Space company, specialises in small satellite technologies and services that enable businesses, governments, and educational organisations to access high-quality, timely data from space. This data has a vast range of applications, from weather forecasting to precision farming to environmental monitoring, and is essential to improving our quality of life on Earth.

Our growing capabilities bring together three divisions: 

  • Space Data as a Service – delivering data from space directly to customers
  • Space missions – turnkey solutions that empower customers to streamline their space missions
  • Space products and components – a full range of off-the-shelf and tailor-made subsystems, components, and sensors

AAC Clyde Space aims to become a world leader in commercial small satellites and services from space, applying advances in its technology to tackle global challenges and improve our life on Earth.

Some of our clients include Horizon Technologies, Orbcomm, NSLComm, OHB Sweden, Intuitive Machines, Orbital Micro Systems, the United States Airforce Academy, UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and NASA.

AAC Clyde Space’s main operations are located in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA and South Africa, with partner networks in Japan and South Korea.

About this role:

This role will interface with many stakeholders, ensuring all commodities meet destination standards while also ensuring costs and shipment deadlines are controlled to meet project budget and schedules. It will be fast paced working across business as usual and projects with key interfaces throughout the global business.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Responsible for coordinating all export shipments to customers in the Americas and across several EMEA locations
  • Responsible for shipping goods to other Clyde Space facilities globally
  • Responsible for ensuring all regulatory and export documentation requirements are accurately processed, dispatched, and released to forwarders, carriers, agents and customers to ensure project delivery schedules are met
  • Liaise with government authorities and brokers (foreign and domestic) to ensure trade compliance
  • Work closely with Procurement and Project managers to develop new Operating procedures and processes
  • Resolve all customs clearance issues as required
  • Communicate with customer and warehouse contacts to gather information required for export documentation
  • Support stores operations when available including:Stock take and inventory management
  • Work order kitting and BOM management
  • Replacement stock orders

Skills Required:

  • Can demonstrate strong knowledge of INCOterms and commercial export documentation requirements
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of dangerous goods handling and shipment processes
  • Expert in shipping and export documentation
  • Able to demonstrate understanding of Shipping tariffs and export insurance requirements
  • Experience of MRP systems is essential
  • Experience of stock control procedures beneficial
  • Knowledge of moving and stock handling procedures

Skills Desirable:

  • Can demonstrate high level of control and time organising skills
  • Can work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to prioritise work independently to deliver high OTD
  • High level of literacy, numeracy, and practical skills
  • Excellent communication skills both verbally and by email

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