Cyber Security Analyst

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Position Summary:

The Cyber Security Analyst should be specialized in security, vulnerability mitigation techniques, penetration testing and exploitation methods within enterprise networks. He should be able to do planning and implementing security measures to protect computer systems, networks and data and are expected to stay up-to-date.

Required Certifications:


Job Description:

Candidate should:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of enterprise-wide cyber systems and networks.
  • Coordinate resources during incident response efforts, driving incidents to timely and complete resolution.
  • Be able to Perform network traffic analysis using raw packet data, net flow, IDS data, and custom sensor output.
  • Correlate actionable security events and develop unique correlation techniques and uses attack signatures and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to aid in Zero-Day detection, TTPs associated with Advanced Persistent Threats to identify new threats and attacks. Should be able to Conduct basic malware analysis of attacker tools, identifying indicators of compromise, and reverse engineer attacker encoding protocols.
  • Have experience in Providing analysis of incidents for customers by determining the incident’s nature and formulating responses.
  • Have knowledge of correlating event and incident data to determining possible effects on the customer networks, and other organizations.
  • Can Monitor Computer Network Defense (CND) security-relevant network components and perform infrastructure monitoring, performance assessment, new requirement analysis & support.
  • Be able to perform information security policy review and assessment against best security practices, security testing of IT, Applications, Communications, Information & process, Physical Access Controls & Security Testing, Wireless, Network Security Testing, Software Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.


3-4 Years

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