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Job Description

ABL’s Fluid Systems Designers bring all the vehicle’s fluid systems together with a streamlined network of tubes and manifolds.

Fluid System Designers work closely with Propulsion Engineers and Component Engineers to bring system schematics to life. They take delight in creating a system layout that balances the mechanical requirements of each part and the complexity of the resulting fluid lines. Good Fluid Systems Designers are organized, methodical, and have exceptional spatial awareness.


  • Determine fluid line sizes, thickness, materials, and interfaces
  • Convert system schematics to flushed out 3D models in CAD, considering manufacturing, integration, and operational constraints
  • Design and analyze fluid manifolds and component support structures
  • Performed combined loads analysis to determine interface loads
  • Quantify system restrictions
  • Develop production methodology and support initial builds

Basic Qualifications

  • B.S. in any engineering discipline from an accredited university One of the following experience bases:- ‍2+ years of industry experience in a production, integration & test, or design role
  • Collegiate internship or co-op, hands-on extracurricular projects, or similar engineering activity

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • CAD and FEA systems
  • Familiarity with fluid system design elements, including: piping, tubing, flexible elements, flanges, fittings
  • Firm understanding of tubing manufacturing methods, including: bending, flaring, and welding
  • Operation of fluid systems at elevated pressures and extreme temperatures
  • Strong understanding of compressible/incompressible flow and thermodynamics
  • Technical writing and communication including manufacturing plans and design reviews

What We Look For

  1. Critical thinking: ABL engineers understand the “why” behind all design decisions, operational events and test outcomes.
  2. Ability to deal with ambiguity: there is no roadmap and ABL engineers must be comfortable defining their own pathway to an objective.
  3. End-to-end ownership: projects are delivered fully complete and ready for flight; there is no one to pick up the slack of partially complete work.


Tagged as: CAD, FEA, thermodynamics, fluid system design elements, tubing manufacturing methods, elevated pressures, extreme temperatures, compressible/incompressible flow

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