Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

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  • We strongly prefer working with individuals who are passionate about aerospace and are willing to work with us for the long term.


  • If you know why water tanker lorries in India have their tops open – this is for you. (Even better if you have tried to model slosh dynamics of a water tanker lorry).
  • If you can mathematically predict the instantaneous position and velocity of how your life will evolve – this is for you.
  • If you like designing autopilots – this is definitely for you.


  • Design, analyze and build flight dynamics models for launch vehicles.
  • Design high fidelity simulations of hypersonic flight systems, deriving from experience in flight dynamics, navigation, guidance, and control.


  • Bachelors / Master’s degree in controls engineering, aerospace or mechanical engineering or any degree that enhanced your ability to model systems mathematically.
  • 2-3 years of experience in mathematically modeling system dynamics.
  • A fascination to bring space closer to everyone on earth.


  • Master’s degree in aeronautical/astronautical, aerospace or mechanical engineering.
  • Understanding of software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop development.
  • Design and analyze control approaches for complex vehicle systems, leveraging modern synthesis and analysis methods.
  • Be able to understand vehicle plant dynamics and select appropriate control methods.
  • Research and create launch vehicle guidance algorithm.
  • Understanding of system dynamics, trajectory optimization to develop algorithms suitable for simulation and onboard use.


  • Must be available to work extended hours and weekends as needed.

What you could take away?

  • Your work will directly impact the company’s (and the rocket’s) trajectory.
  • You will learn rocket science from some of the most senior and respected minds in ISRO.
  • You will work on shaping space policy in India.
  • You will dirty your hands in a global supply/chain optimization problem.

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