Graduate Engineer Trainee

Company Details

The millions of passengers who have chosen to fly with Air Arabia have helped us make a difference and set a mark in the aviation industry internationally.

Job Purpose

  • Fulfil experience over a 2 year period in assigned areas and demonstrate knowledge and experience suitable for Engineer role.
  • To encompass multiple areas of learning to include AMP, Systems, Reliability, Warranty, Propulsion, APU, short/long term maintenance, Technical Records, Technical Library, logistics, rotables management and special projects
  • The individual will learn how to evaluate and manage AD’s and SB and how to translate this knowledge into business control measures for the airline.

Key Result Responsibilities

  • On day-to-day basis to support the engineering development engineers or other CAMO staff in providing  support to maintenance (Line, Hangar, MCC, other CAMO department), this would include, performance review, analysis of requests, management reporting, corrective measures, and necessary modifications.
  • Carries out a program of training as agreed with the Air Arabia Training Manager and/ or Line Manager.
  • Utilizes data gathered from different sources to conduct, under supervision, technical root-cause analysis and troubleshooting and to decide on aircrafts efficiency and maintenance needs.
  • Analyzes data and technical performance reports, under supervision, to identify trends, highlight findings and suggest solutions and proactive modifications.
  • Identifies corrective measures and modifications, under supervision, to fix any damages or airworthiness findings, recommends AMP inclusions/exclusions along with justification and supporting evidences, as and when required.
  • Reviews technical document, under supervision, as per TPM section 5, for implementation of modifications/repairs subject to CAMO management acceptance.
  • Carries out training with other areas of the CAMO engineering environment such as Projects, Warranty, etc.
  • Assists in the closure of occurrence reports under supervision.
  • Participates in function related meetings/conferences and events both internally and externally.
  • Continues to engage in personal development undertaking such trainings as deemed required by the Training Manager and or Line Manager
  • Performs any other duties as advised by the direct supervisor.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • A degree in Aircraft Engineering/ Electro-Mechanical/Aeronautical; alternately a higher diploma or certificate in the related field from a recognized university or engineering college combined with needed experience and exposure.
  • Capable of using technology systems & tools; proficient in Microsoft office, MRO systems and Web Search.
  • Very good written and verbal communication skills: reporting, presentations, etc.
  • Very good in English Language

Work Experience

  • 5 years engineering degree in a university with a specialization in Aviation.
  • A balanced personality with focus and commitment to achieve successful results.
  • Good Theoretical knowledge of relevant areas of Aircraft Engineering, supported with some practical experience.
  • Engaged and motivated to learn 
  • High accuracy and attention to both results and details.
  • Proven skills in analyzing data, identifying irregularities and suggesting solutions.
  • Cost-oriented, possesses good problem-solving skills.
  • Employs knowledge and interpersonal relations to support company’s objectives.

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