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The job holder will be part of the Perception, Planification and Control team. Under the lead of a Senior Robotics Software Engineer, the job holder will design, implement, test and deliver mature and innovative techno bricks (software & hardware) to be integrated into our Industrial Systems.

These technologies will be developed in strong collaboration with the wider Robotics ecosystem as well as the other technology teams (e.g. DDMS, CRT, Engineering, etc). The scope includes short term technology bricks as well as long term innovation and research. The priority focus includes development and delivering breakthrough bricks for Perception, Planification & Control to the 4 flagship projects defined by the Robotics & Automation Transformation Programme:

Perception driven assembly robots Automated Paint Shop for fuselage End to end automatic customer inspection system Auto Rigging     

The job holder shall have strong understanding of the following Planification & Control

  • Referencing
  • Sensor-based control (e.g. visual servoing)
  • Robust control
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Real-time processing
  • Embedded architectures
  • Reactive Scheduling & synchronization


The job holder is to work together with internal and external team to enable the techno roadmap for the development of the missing techno bricks concerning Perception requested for Aircraft Industrial Systems such as:

  • Assembly: Develop bricks for perception driven assembly robots to secure the automation of the assembly of our next generations aircrafts.
  • Painting: Implement bricks requested for an Automated PaintShop automated painting & decoration of the whole aircraft.
  • Inspection: Contribute to the development of inspection devices for an end to end customer inspection of external surfaces.
  • Composite: Prepare composite production automation for a high rate programme.
  • Develop, document, test and commission of the requested techno bricks
  • Collaborate with architect and product owner to get the requirements through detailed technical discussions and scoping meetings


Education Requirements:

  • Master Science in Control Engineering or Robotic-related field
  • 5+ years of successful experience in Robotics
  • Strong programming skills, especially C/C++ & Python coding
  • Experience with linear and nonlinear control (e.g. sliding mode, backstepping), Robust control (e.g. H-infinity), Adaptive control and model predictive control
  • Advanced experience with Real Time systems, especially with Linux-based real-time systems.
  • Hand-on experience in testing your control algorithms with real robots
  • Experience with DevOps practices

Main activities

  • Working with specification and designing the products
  • Code development, documentation writing, testing, commissioning techno bricks
  • Work closely with robotic development engineering teams to support the development techno bricks for Perception, Planification & Control from concept to production level.
  • Collaborate actively with internal such as teams from various departments and external parties such as academic research institutes and industrial partners
  • Technical authority within scope of responsibility


The jobholder will be responsible of delivering

  • Testing and validation of the developed techno bricks Build deep learning systems for object detection and localization with high robustness and accuracy. Maintain the software that has been developed team to ensure the functionality is consistent with customer’s needs

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