Company Details

OHB Italia is seeking for its Satellites Department in Milano for immediate start a AIT MECHANICAL ENGINEER.

Combines the role of the Mechanical Designer with the role of Mechanical AIT Operator for Satellite Integration within the Satellite Unit.

Your Tasks

  • Actively involved with the team in the definition of the Satellite integration approach.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Satellite integration procedures.
  • Collaborate with AIT Team on the Mechanical Integration of structure of NAOS SM, EM and PFM model.
  • Collaborate with the AIT Team on the Mechanical Integration of the EM and flight units.
  • Collaborate with the AIT Team on the Mechanical Integration of flight harness.
  • Installation of thermal and mechanical sensors: thermocouples, thermistors, heaters, accelerometers.
  • Definition and implementation of MAIT processes and related documents.
  • Handling of Satellite and related MGSE, including use of cherry picker.
  • Mechanical support during the Satellite Environmental Test Campaign.
  • Mechanical support during the Satellite Launch Campaign.

The ideal candidate

  • has a good background in Mechanical Engineering and Satellite integration;
  • has worked for some years in the AIT area of Space Systems;
  • has a good hands-on knowledge of the system engineering processes for space projects;
  • has developed a system-oriented thinking and vision;
  • has a good hands-on knowledge of CAD tools, preferred NX or Catia.
  • has a good hands-on knowledge of Office Packet.
  • Soft skills driving for the position are:
    • ability twork in a fast-paced and stressful environment;
    • creative thinking ability applied tengineering and AIT (concepts and solutions) and in approaching problemsolving during the programme development; capability tdevelop effective ideas;
    • commitment tobjectives, willingness ttake responsibility through motivation, dedication, initiative, proactivity, autonomy;
    • growth potential in terms of adaptability tchanging environment and flexibility of mind.

OHB Italia SpA is acknowledged as one of the leading medium size companies in Europe for space systems integration. It is part of a cluster of European enterprises operating in the aerospace business. Founded in 1981, with headquarters in Milan and excellence centres in Italy, the company employs more than 180 qualified engineers & physicists.

OHB Italia has consolidated expertise, resources and facilities tcarry out manufacturing, integration, qualification and flight certification, with a role of Prime Contractor in different fields of activities. Its success is due ta combination of technical expertise, innovative technologies and low cost solutions, which allow tgive customers easy access tspace. The company operates both on the institutional and commercial markets. Its main customers are space agencies, space authorities and large industrial groups.

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