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Apogee is seeking a Senior Scientific Software Developer to be located remotely or in Lakewood, CO. This position actively supports the development of web-based applications and systems that enable scientific data synthesis, analysis, visualization, and management for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Science Data Management (SDM) Branch. Key elements of the mission include developing national data products to enable USGS science; creating innovative tools and technologies for scientific discovery, science data life cycle management, and rapid response to science issues; and implementation of digital library research and data services.

Why work with us?

Apogee Engineering, LLC is a growing provider of research, engineering, operations, software, cyber and intel expertise across an array of DOD and Federal Civilian customers. Apogee’s culture is infused with integrity and a passion for excellence, which has propelled Apogee into the ranks of an elite small business company, known for unwavering dedication to their client’s success, a warm and family-like work environment, and an enthusiasm to providing the right solution at the right time.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop and maintain front-end and back-end features and functionality for a web application,
  •, written in a Java-based framework, that supports science data management (catalog, query, storage, and access to data and metadata)
  • Develop and manage analytical and processing workflows to support research data science needs while preserving data integrity and tracking provenance, specifically related to moving data into cloud-based tools and services to demonstrate performant, scale-able approaches to large datasets
  • Develop novel cloud-based services for file processing, analysis, and display
  • Research, develop and implement data integration tools and services, and workflows to support scientific data analysis and visualization; querying and extracting data from existing science repositories and performing in-line ETL/integration to support programmatic computation and data interoperability
  • Implement and adhere to approved application and operations methodology that will ensure the most efficient use of systems resulting in technically sound and re-usable solutions

What you will need:

  • Possess one of the following education/experience combinations:
  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5 years of software development experience, 3 years of which in back-end development or data analysis (e.g. Big Data)
  • OR, 8 years of software development experience in lieu of a degree
  • Experience building applications, services, and processing workflows that enable scientific data management, synthesis, analysis, and visualization, preferably with an emphasis on backend development in an enterprise cloud environment (AWS, Azure, or similar)
  • Experience programming in Python or R
  • Experience working with diverse scientific datasets in varying formats, including tabular, geospatial/GIS, imagery, etc.
  • Experience working with authentication protocols
  • Proficiency in database technologies, preferably PostGreSQL
  • Proficiency in Macintosh and Linux OS environments
  • Exposure to large scientific data and their challenges and considerations for processing, analyses, machine learning, and modeling
  • Familiarity with source control mechanisms such as Git
  • Familiarity with data standards including JSON and XML
  • Ability to conform to and operate within federal security policies and best practices
  • Ability to work with distributed software teams
  • Additionally, skills and experience in one or more of the following areas are strongly preferred:
  • Experience with Cloud native programming approaches and infrastructure as code (Terraform, AWS CDK)
  • Experience working with Dremio for data integration
  • Experience with data visualization tools and software (e.g., Tableau, Datawrapper)
  • Experience working with AWS components such as Lambda, Batch, SQS, ElastiCache, CloudWatch, RDS
  • Familiarity with REST and GraphQL APIs, including API standards such as Open API/Swagger
  • Familiarity with metadata standards (FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata or ISO 19115 suite)
  • Experience working with ElasticSearch

Benefits and Compensation:

  • Apogee offers two medical plans, a high deductible health plan with a HRA and a traditional POS plan with co-pays, dental, vision, 401(k), life insurance, PTO, paid holidays, parental, military and jury duty paid leaves. Regular part time employees scheduled for twenty-four or more hours per work week are eligible for benefits on a pro-rated basis.
  • This position is eligible for a discretionary annual bonus.
    Salary Range: $74,000 – $130,000

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