Computer Vision Engineer

Company Details

Archangel Imaging is a startup developing distributed intelligence and advanced camera systems with on-device AI. We have worked on World Record projects and have developed unique machine vision payloads including edge AI devices winning the AIConics AI for Good award (2019), the BT Infinity Lab Augmented Intelligence award (2018), and finalist at the Dubai’s Robotics for Good (2017). We are passionate about bringing deployable AI technology to underserved groups in remote areas who wouldn’t have access to AI applications otherwise, and to tackling those major problems that affect our planet.

Role Description:

We are looking to enhance the existing computer vision algorithms for our current products; all of which combine machine learning with specialist cameras.

We are looking for a proactive candidate with a strong understanding of machine learning concepts and an enthusiasm for applying their work to real life situations. To be successful you should be able to show off evidence of your personal deep learning projects.

You could be responsible for planning the imagery collection, developing & training neural nets, optimising for power consumption, optimising for embedded devices, testing or deploying the system.

Depending on your other skills you could also get involved in embedded software development or prototyping hardware (think Raspberry Pi, drones, 3D printing etc.). Let us know what you can do!

International travel required.

Likely >4 trips/year to support pilots, visit suppliers, visit customers, conferences etc.

Role Responsibilities:

Responsiblities will depend on your skills and the project we select with you.
Key responsibilities would include

  • End-to-end responsibility for solving a problem
  • Negotiating requirements
  • designing a strategic approach to solving problems
  • developing solutions
  • communicating results clearly

Essential skills / Experience

  • A minimum of a Masters degree in a computer science related subject​ (PhD preferred)
  • Good skills in deep learning, including CNN training, testing, evaluation and inference deployment​
  • Proficient with multiple machine vision and machine learning frameworks (OpenCV, TensorFlow, TensorRT, Caffe, PyTorch etc.) with a strong portfolio of development examples​
  • Skills in researching, designing and implementing novel machine learning and machine vision algorithms
  • Strong understanding of imaging sensors, processing and interfaces
  • Excellent Python and C++ skills
  • Strong data science skills​
  • Excellent communication skills (written, and spoken)
  • Strong software design and development experience, including OO design
  • Awareness of hardware limitations

Desirable Skills / Experience

  • Commercial experience delivering machine learning and computer vision​ solutions
  • Awareness of full-stack software development
  • Customer / user engagement experience
  • Stuff you can do that we’d like to hear about:
    • That phone app you made to solve a cool problem
    • Running deep learning on embedded devices
    • Understanding of non deep learning computer vision libraries and techniques (OpenCV, SVM, KNN etc.)
    • Anaconda knowledge (not the snake!)
    • Experience coding with various computing platforms (Linux, windows, mac, raspberry Pi, arduino, GPU, etc.) or languages (Python, C, javascript, Go etc.)
    • Experience with [camera] sensor integration (e.g. that IoT project you did for your Dad last Christmas)
    • Awareness of modern software development (CI, CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Vue etc.)
    • Front end, web API ninja skills
    • Communication technology experiments (wireless weather station, IoT, satellites, cellular etc.)


  • We work around delivery-focused, agile sprints, with a sustainable work-life balance.❤
  • Flexible working hours, working from home
  • You will be making impact early and regularly – build your skills, while drive the technology forward and change the world.
  • Bonus, pay rise and shares options for excellent impact
  • Gym discounts, free phone insurance, shopping and supermarket discounts plus many many more!
  • Paid classroom training and online courses
  • Relocation support, as needed
  • Fresh fruits 🍒& snacks 🍫 & ☕ weekly restocked and thoughtfully remixed
  • The buzzing Harwell Space Campus (the UK future answer to Silicon Valley) with regular events on site (networking, workshops)
  • Team socials
  • Latest tech and tools to make your work lives easier

Location: Our core team is currently based in Harwell Space Campus, with longer-term plans to move our office base to central Oxford/ London. Regular remote work is possible for qualified candidates. Depending on the projects, there will also be overseas travel.

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