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A space robotics company making space accessible to the world

Astrobotic Technology, Inc. is a space robotics company that seeks to make space accessible to the world. The company’s suite of lunar landers delivers payloads to the Moon for companies, governments, universities, non-profits, and individuals. The company is also developing advanced space robotics capabilities such as terrain relative navigation, mobile robotics for lunar surface operations, and reliable computing systems for mission-critical applications. Originally spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, Astrobotic is pioneering affordable planetary access that promises to spark a new era of exploration, science, tourism, resource utilization, and mining. Astrobotic is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Astrobotic was selected by NASA in May 2019 for a $79.5 million contract to deliver a suite of NASA instruments to the Moon. This mission will see the Peregrine lunar lander return America to the Moon with 22 payloads representing 5 countries.

In June 2020, Astrobotic was selected for a $199.5 million contract to deliver the NASA VIPER rover to the lunar south pole onboard the Griffin lunar lander. This mission will enable NASA’s objective to map water ice on the lunar surface, which in turn supports NASA’s plans for crewed missions in 2024. As part of Astrobotic’s Planetary Landers Team, you will literally be creating history as we define the benchmark for commercial delivery of payloads to the Moon and beyond.
Astrobotic Technology wants you to design structural and mechanical components for lunar landers, which will return America to the Moon. Design and analyze lunar lander structural elements to meet all mission requirements, including launch environments, transit, deployment of payloads, and landing on the lunar surface. Implement the full engineering development cycle, and regularly report to the Mechanical Systems Manager on progress.


  • Performing structural analysis on structure, payloads & mechanisms
  • Writing and presenting technical reports to support milestone reviews and hardware releases
  • Optimizing components for strength, stiffness & mass
  • Develop novel concepts and designs to complex dynamic problems
  • Support test campaign development, execution, and data interpretation
  • Working effectively in a fast-paced environment with changing needs and requirements


  • B.S. in Mechanical, Civil or Aerospace Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a structural or dynamic analysis
  • Proficiency with finite element analysis (FEA) including pre/post processing, scripting, and solvers (ANSYS preferred)
  • Experience with structural dynamics (modal, random vibration, acoustic & shock)
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills


  • M.S. in Mechanical, Civil or Aerospace Engineering
  • 10 years of experience in a structural or dynamic analysis
  • Experience developing primary structure and mechanical systems for aircraft, rotorcraft, spacecraft or launch vehicles
  • Experience with classical hand calculations (Bruhn, Roark, Shigley, Steinberg, etc.)
  • Proficiency with Coupled Loads Analysis (CLA)
  • Demonstrated experience analyzing and correlating vibration test results
  • Experience with Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)
  • Familiarity with composite laminate analysis
  • Familiar with multibody dynamic analysis
  • Understanding of fatigue and fracture mechanics (NASGRO)

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