Computer Vision (CV) Senior CV Software Engineer

Company Details

The only company solely dedicated to on-orbit servicing across all orbits

Astroscale is a Tokyo-based company that employs highly motivated and experienced computer vision (CV) senior software engineers. The space debris problem, which is becoming more serious every day, is a problem that threatens sustainable space asset management, and Astroscale is a company that is trying to solve this problem. In the duties recruited this time, you will participate in and contribute to the concept of mission solutions and the formation of a viable team. This job is based in Japan, but there is also collaboration with the global team. This is your unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant, fast-growing company.

Job content

  • He oversees the development and architectural design of flight software onboard Astroscale satellites, especially mission-specific components based on image detection and range sensors.
  • Derivation of software requirements from mission requirements, summarizing them, and defining software solutions and system architectures.
  • Design, develop and validate the most efficient computer vision algorithms to meet mission operational requirements.
  • Direct the software team to effectively complete software development within a set schedule.
  • Coordinate with relevant engineering teams at the subsystem and system level to identify software needs and solutions.
  • Perform software validation, validation, and integration on the target hardware.
  • Participate in the mission system test.
  • Promote knowledge sharing within the Astroscale and provide technical verification and opinions for all ongoing projects within the company.
  • Provide experience-based guidance and mentoring to young team members.
  • Coordinates software releases by internal and external developers, and directs bug fixes that result from release maintenance and various verification tasks.

Required skills

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s / PhD D. Computer Science, Software Engineering or Related Engineering / Science Fields
  • Over 5 years of computer vision software development experience
  • Real-time system and software solution implementation experience
  • Experience in developing and implementing software testing plans
  • Knowledge of the latest software development methodologies and development tools such as SCM (Source Code Management –git or mercurial)
  • Ability to effectively plan and direct development while actively, self-managing, and collaboratively contributing within a tightly-knit team
  • English Proficiency TOEIC 600+
  • Native level Japanese skills

Desired skill

  • Knowledge of the fields of debris removal, EOL (End-of-Life), and in-orbit services
  • Knowledge in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Experience at all stages of the satellite development life cycle, from conception to design, testing and operation
  • Embedded Linux-based system development experience
  • Knowledge of scripting languages ​​(Python, Ruby, Shell, etc.)
  • Knowledge of microcontroller assembler
  • Familiar with modern software development practices (such as Agile)
  • Excellent technical communication and presentation skills

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