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  • Design and Develop electrical equipment’s & components (with some equipment’s and components having MPU, or Micro Processing Units).
  • Design and analysis of electrical and electronic equipment (interface and specification).
  • Manage electrical equipment related budgets and resource range for mass, power, data storage etc.
  • Design electrical system harnesses for satellites including but not limited to harness connection design and harness routing design.
  • Coordinate with subsystem engineers regarding electrical connections for harness design.
  • Coordinate with subsystem and system designers.
  • Generate specifications for electrical equipment components and harnesses.
  • Plan, prepare and conduct electrical tests of components and subsystems.
  • Conduct component-level environmental test such as vibration, thermal vacuum/cycle, and electrical tests.
  • Conduct interface verification tests with other subsystems.
  • Evaluate and review test results.
  • Coordinate with equipment and component vendors and manufacturers.
  • Coordinate technical interface with cable suppliers regarding cable specifications.
  • Manage ICDs (Interface Control Documents) of satellite subsystems and components for harness design.
  • Design and procure test harnesses for conducting electrical tests, including subsystem tests.

Essential Skills

  • Minimum 6+ years of experience working as a electrical design engineer.
  • Basic knowledge of electrical system engineering such as satellite electronics system, car electronics system, medical electronics system, etc.
  • Knowledge of cables, harnessing, and connectors such as satellite harness, car harness, medical electronics harness, business machine harness etc.
  • Basic Knowledge of mechanical engineering.
  • Experience in one of the following:
    • Digital signal equipment/circuit design and analysis.
    • Analog signal equipment/circuit design and analysis.
    • Mixed signal equipment/circuit design and analysis.
  • Basic knowledge of embedded software engineering.
  • Able to identify problems, perform root cause analysis, and implement solutions.
  • English language capability TOEIC 600+.
  • Near native level Japanese skill.

Desired Skills

  • Experience in developing onboard satellite electrical equipment including MPU.
  • Knowledge of FMEA (Failure Mechanism and Effects Analysis)/FTA (Failure Tree Analysis).
  • Experience of using SPICE and Scilab.
  • Knowledge of MIL standards (United States Military Standard) and ESA standards (European Space Agency Standard), especially MIL cable specifications and derating criteria.
  • Basic knowledge of EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility).

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