Communication and Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer (RF Engineer)

Company Details

The only company solely dedicated to on-orbit servicing across all orbits

Astroscale is a Tokyo-based company that employs highly motivated and experienced computer vision (CV) senior software engineers. The space debris problem, which is becoming more serious every day, is a problem that threatens sustainable space asset management, and Astroscale is a company that is trying to solve this problem. In the duties recruited this time, you will participate in and contribute to the concept of mission solutions and the formation of a viable team. This job is based in Japan, but there is also collaboration with the global team. This is your unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant, fast-growing company.


  • Procure RF Communication components such as transponder, RF transceiver, antenna and coaxial switches.
  • Conduct component-level testing such as vibration, thermal vacuum/cycle and electrical tests.
  • Conduct communication subsystem-level tests.
  • Coordinate interface between communication and other subsystems including command and data handling (C&DH), guidance navigation control (GNC) and power subsystems.
  • Conduct compatibility test between communication subsystem and ground station.
  • Create and maintain documents related to communication subsystem testing, design and operation.
  • Support frequency license application and coordination with relevant organization

Essential Skills

  • Diploma; Bachelor or Master degree in electrical engineering or relevant area.
  • 3+ years of experience in RF / communication system development.
  • Experience in testing of communication systems.
  • Sufficient knowledge in analogue, digital and RF circuits.
  • Basic knowledge in mechanical engineering and harnessing.
  • Native level Japanese ability.

Desired Skills

  • Qualification for first-class land radio engineer
  • Experience in satellite RF / communication system development.
  • Experience in designing communication components by self.
  • Experience in leading design/testing of communication subsystem.
  • Experience working with/in global team.
  • Business level English capability.

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