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Securing Space Sustainability


  • Introducing and executing model-based development (MBD) in Astroscale Japan, leading the efficiency and cost reduction of development, which is the ultimate goal of MBD.
  • Examine, propose, and implement the scope and specific method of substituting a model for trial production in new model development.
  • Consider, propose , and implement how to change the development process in order to make effective use of MBD .
  • Be deeply involved in the development team and carry out
  • Repeat the above to expand the MBD coverage
  • For the above roles, we will promote activities by closely communicating and discussing with the engineering department, quality assurance department, manufacturing department, and business management department.


  • MBD practical experience (regardless of application field such as machinery, electricity, etc.)
  • Understanding the cost structure in new development and mass production
  • Systems engineering knowledge and practical experience
  • Experience in developing systems that require high reliability and safety
  • Communication ability , negotiation ability
  • Experience working in a global team
  • TOEIC 700 or above


  • Work experience in the aerospace industry
  • Practical experience of cost reduction activities
  • MBSE (model-based systems engineering)  knowledge and practical experience
  • Problem-solving consulting experience
  • Work experience abroad
  • TOEIC 800 or above

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