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  • Manage, establish and maintain Spacecraft Operationws Group as an engineering manager, to deliver all Spacecraft Operation work to Astroscale Japan projects.
  • Responsible for planning, developing, testing, training, and staffing a 24hr satellite operations team.
  • Manage, establish and maintain work plans and schedules, costs / budgets of Spacecraft Operations group in accordance with agreement with related projects. Closely monitor work progress and expenses within the group.
  • Manage, establish and maintain group-level resourcing plan. Identify resource needs and proactively find inhouse and outsource resources to cater the needs.
  • Act as a hiring manager for Spacecraft Operations group as necessary to hire new engineers.
  • Work with relevant project managers and other group managers to discuss and define project-wide resourcing plan.
  • Perform regular appraisals for the group members. Mentor the members and support them for career growth. Provide trainings for them if needed.
  • Work with procurement and subcontracting functions to:
    • a) outsource design / analysis activities,
    • b) outsource operators,
    • c) software licenses, and anything necessary for Spacecraft operations system.
  • Closely monitor progress of the suppliers / subcontractors, to check deliverables from them.
  • Work with global Astroscale teams to assist in generation of bids and proposals by utilizing the expertise of the Spacecraft Operation group.
  • Work with quality assurance functions to promote high quality, low cost and time-efficient spacecraft operations.

Essential Skills

  • Experience in managing a small-to-mid size engineering team for over 7 years.
  • Experience in managing operation of mission critical systems in aerospace industry.
  • Experience of writing technical specifications at various levels, from high-level requirement specification to low-level detailed specifications.
  • Experience of hands-on practices in spacecraft in-orbit operations.
  • Understanding of spacecraft systems, mission control systems, and ground stations.
  • Working experience on quality assurance process for operation of large-scale mission critical systems.
  • Experience in cross-cultural work environment
  • English language capability TOEIC 700+.
  • Japanese native or JLPT N1.

Desired Skills

  • Knowledge in the areas of debris removal, end-of-life, in-orbit servicing.
  • Experience on design and develop of spacecraft tracking and control systems
  • Experience on in-osdrbit operation of RPO (Rendezvous and Proximity Operation) systems.
  • Experience in developing spacecraft operation or simulation software.

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