Senior Spacecraft Structural Engineer

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  • Business level Japanese proficiency (JLPTN1) required

Company Details

Astroscale is one of the few companies in the world proposing to aid in the removal of orbital debris through the provision of End of Life (EOL) and Active Debris Removal (ADR) services. In addition to providing a technical solution, Astroscale is helping to define the business case for this service and are working with national space agencies, international institutions, non-profit organizations, insurance companies and satellite operators to develop norms, regulations and incentives that contribute to the responsible use of space.

lgExport Control Laws

Unless explicitly notified otherwise, our vacancies are covered by Export Control Laws which require candidates to be from an “Export Safe” Country as deemed by the Japanese Government. The countries are as follows: Japan, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Italy, USA, France, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Ireland, Czech, Spain, Greece Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Denmark Hungary, and Poland.

Job Description

  • Lead the structural development of the new Astroscale spacecraft, taking into account customer and internal requirements, objectives, and business constraints (costs, schedules).
  • Initially examine the structural architecture and layout.
  • Perform initial sizing analysis (structural analysis including finite element modeling).
  • Work with system engineers and other subsystem teams to deliver structural design solutions that meet mission and subsystem requirements.
  • Perform detailed FEM analysis and design to ensure that the spacecraft structure includes on-board equipment, subsystems, and payloads within their respective certified environmental conditions.
  • Develop structural development and verification plans and procedures that demonstrate compliance with Astroscale spacecraft requirements, including mechanical testing, measurement, and alignment planning.
  • If necessary, collaborate with the launch service provider to show compliance with the requirements from the launch machine and environmental conditions.
  • Support the mechanical integration of the system, such as creating a comprehensive assembly drawing of the spacecraft and managing the mass characteristics of the spacecraft.
  • Provide guidance and education to other Astroscale mechanical and structural engineers.


Required Skills

  • Deep understanding backed by a practical experience of all major loads experienced by spacecraft during the mission life cycle (quasi-static load, vibration, acoustics, impact) and proven experience in spacecraft structural design Deep understanding given
  • More than 5 years of experience in the Field
  • Experience in leading the development cycle of structural systems of small and medium-sized spacecraft (mass over 50 kg) at least once from the beginning to the end
  • Various including alloys and composite materials Experience working and designing solutions with a variety of structural materials
  • Experience working closely and collaboratively with the project team to create spacecraft solutions that meet the requirements and objectives of the mission and the entire project
  • Rich in finite element modeling and analysis tools Experienced and skilled users
  • Ability to generate 3D designs and layouts using CAD modeling tools
  • Being able to collaborate as a team
  • Have the ability to manage the responsibilities of providing your work and work packages within a defined project budget and schedule
  • English proficiency TOEIC 750 or above
  • Business level Japanese proficiency (JLPTN1)

Desirable skills

  • 8 years or more of experience in related fields and/or fields
  • Practical knowledge of other related fields (propulsion systems, space mechanisms, thermal subsystems)
  • Knowledge and understanding of spacecraft systems



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