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Avio is leader in space propulsion.

Avio is a leading company in space propulsion, based in Italy. The company offers competitive solutions for launching institutional, governmental and commercial payloads in Earth orbit through its Vega rocket family. The expertise and know-how acquired in over 50 years, currently allow Avio to compete with the top players in the segment of solid, liquid and cryogenic propulsion for space launchers and military tactical missiles.



  • To support the definition and implementation of development & qualification plan of Vega E Cryogenic Liquid propulsion module (LPM) with particular focus on development and verification models, supporting  the development of the necessary technological processes;
  • To support the Establishment/maturing of schemes, architectures and lay-out of liquid propulsion systems;
  • To drive and coordinate propellant management strategies in microgravity conditions;
  • Preliminary sizing and concept design of the equipped insulated Propellant Tank of the cryogenic propulsion subsystem.
  • To design propellant management system ( blades, start baskets, vanes, anti-wetting devices, diffusers, anti-sloshing ) and to perform preliminary fluidic sizing and mass budgets;
  • Dimensioning and CFD analyses of  cryogenic  propulsion subsystem : Thermal residuals, Propellant and  Pressurant budget, venting needs, settling needs for re-ignition (RCS needs), boils offs for the different phases of the operative life, analysis for propellant loading and engine chill down, evaluation of sloshing behavior in the propellant tank with inputs conditions defined by launcher system.

Technical competences

  • Proven experience in the development of cryogenic liquid propulsion systems/stages with particular focus on upper stages;
  • Knowledge of cryogenic propellant tanks and propellant management strategies in microgravity conditions;
  • Knowledge and/or ability to perform dimensioning analysis of Cryogenic propulsion subsystems and deep understanding of thermodynamics, compressible and incompressible flow;
  • Knowledge of the Product Development Process (with involvement in all the designing phases, from the conceptual studies to the final qualification).

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