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AVS is proud to be one of the world's leading companies in the design and development of bespoke equipment for Space and large Science and Research infrastructure across the globe.


Our success is based on our people. We build trust through our technological and scientific competencies, strong dedication to our work, and are conscious about the importance of these qualities to enable our clients to achieve scientific and technical breakthroughs.

AVS was founded in 2006, and provides complex turn-key solutions to Space and Science (Astrophysics, Accelerators, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion) applications. AVS is an established EN9100 provider of instrumentation (NASA, CERN, ESA, Airbus, RAFAEL, ISRO, VO…) and counts with over 50 instruments to UKRI-STFC sites in the UK (Harwell, Culham, etc.).

AVS is a multinational SME with dedicated offices next the large scientific facilities (France, Madrid, Canaries and Seville) and 5 main sites (two in the Basque Country, Valencia (ES), Westcott (UK) and Ithaca, NY (US)). All sites are composed by multidisciplinary engineering teams (mechanical and design, analysis, electronics, systems and MAIT) and management support (Project Management, Commercial, Administration, Purchase and Quality). These functions are supported by a wide range of facilities, including more than 30,000 m2 of workshops, clean rooms, and labs in order to support projects and technology developments across all the disciplines and stages.

AVS has got a total of more than 200 employees, with a turnover of approximately 23 M€/year, and a backlog of 50 M€. AVS has got large industrial-capacity to deliver micro-mechanisms, plasma devices, CFRP structures, large mechatronic-systems and other components such as quantum detectors. Moreover, AVS’ industrial capacity includes environmental-testing, clean-rooms, cleaning facilities, Flat-sat and high-voltage electronic-labs, Metrology labs, and fluidic and thermal testing-sites.

And in order to deliver such complex solutions, we seek for highly-qualified and technology-passionate candidates to join our team in Westcott in a permanent basis, and to keep upfront with the latest technologies and developments of #spacetechnology #spacemechanisms #spaceexploration, offering a long-term prospect, where you could build-up your professional career.

Job description
Are you fascinated about Space? Do you have experience developing complex Mechanical and/or Mechatronic systems in Space?

Senior, mid-level and junior Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical & Analysis, and Design Engineers are required to support / lead the increased demand of complex developments for a wide range of Space systems, customers and applications, from In-orbit servicing (IOS) to Exploration, Deep Space or lunar payloads.

In this full-time role, based at the new AVS facilities in Westcott, with fully dedicated MAIT facilities, you will have the opportunity to be a hands-on engineer, and help deliver those technologies to Earth-orbits, Lunar-orbits, Lunar surface, Mars surface and Deep-space missions, this decade!


  • Trade-offs for the selection of the best conceptual architectures and design.
  • Definition of mechanical architectures and designs from specifications.
  • Responsible for the design and capability of the system design to meet the technical requirements.
  • Lead engineer from the concept definition to the detailed design of few Space developments (IOS/ISRU/Robotics)
  • Technical & line management of other mechanical, design, manufacturing engineers and drafters.
  • Responsible for the adequate increase of TRL of the system / subsystem / components.
  • Support to system engineers and definition, implementation of the development and verification approach, producing corresponding documentation, i.e. design, development & verification plans, design reports, ICD, VCD, test plans, etc.
  • Technical support to Business Development for bids / proposals and developments.
  • Technical support to MAIT for the fabrication, assembly, integration and tests.

Person Specification

  • Minimum: 2:1 Master’s or higher degree in Engineering, science or maths.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience working as Mechanical / Analysis / Design Engineer within the space industry (note: experience in other high-precision engineering disciplines will also be considered)
  • Able to communicate effectively and professionally with technical customers and other mechanisms experts to produce, challenge and verify technical, functional, and test requirements and manage expectations.
  • Able to work with tight deadlines and with several projects in parallel.
  • Excellent technical writing, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to manage time, work within a team and work autonomously when required.
  • Knowledge of ESA ECSS standards for Space mechanical systems and mechanisms


  • First degree(s).
  • Masters in Engineering (MEng) and MPhys or MSc in Space related topics.
  • PHd or DEng in Engineering: mechanical, design, materials, etc.
  • Knowledge / Attendance and publications on ESA ESMATS or similar symposiums.
  • Ideally >5 years of experience developing complex Mechanical subsystems/systems for Space applications within the Space industry.
  • Experience with complex mechanical systems and subsystems for flight programmes (TRL >7)
  • Software experience requirements
    CAD software, e.g. Solidworks, CATIA
  • FEM / FEA software, e.g. ANSYS, Patran / Nastran
  • Related computing software, e.g. Matlab, Simulink, etc.

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