Domestic corporate sales

Company Details

Axelspace has been one of the pioneers of micro-satellite technology and industry since the establishment of the company in 2008, and we envision democratizing space technology to a wider population across the globe for their daily use.

Company Profile

Axelspace is a company founded in 2008, based on the vision of “Space within Your Reach – making space a normal place -“. We aim to realize a society that

In the AxelGlobe project, which started in 2015 , we have launched a large number of satellites to provide a new infrastructure for high-frequency monitoring of the earth. successfully launched four mass-produced satellites. In addition, in the new business “AxelLiner”, we provide a series of flow such as satellite development and operation for the early realization of customers’ space and satellite business, and we will utilize Japan’s first small satellite mass production system in 2023. We are planning to launch a demonstrator.

At Axelspace , we gather members who are always ambitious, face the team seriously, aim for growth together, accept diversity and change, and take on challenges positively.

As the spread and promotion of the full-scale use of satellites and satellite images is accelerating, if you can sympathize with our vision and commit to the spread and promotion of satellite development and the use of satellite images, please join this attractive team. please join

All employees are waiting for applications from everyone!

Business Summary

In this position, you will be mainly in charge of domestic companies, and will be responsible for the solution sales for corporate companies of our platform service “AxelGlobe” using satellite images and image analysis (For details on AxelGlobe, please see here ).

Job content

  • Sales that use satellite images and image analysis as new business intelligence that has never existed before, in the form of solutions to various issues faced by companies and industries.
  • Exploring and developing potential companies, industries, and use cases where satellite images and image analysis can be solutions, and discovering customer needs and issues
  • Consulting on how satellite images and image analysis can serve as solutions for these needs and issues
  • Acquisition of contracts for our services and individual projects through the above series of sales cycles
  • Post-account management
  • Collection and analysis of customer feedback and feedback to product development
  • Contribute to improving the sales force of the entire sales team and team building
  • Contribution to the creation of a “model” for sales of our company and our services

Application conditions

  • Requirement
    • Those who want to build up experience and achievements as a corporate sales person and want to take on the next step or challenge new products and industries as a mid-level sales member.
    • Person with experience in solution sales and consulting sales for intangible products such as SaaS, software, and other IT services
    • Those who are willing to work at a start-up company, who feel enthusiasm and interest in launching new industries and services that do not yet exist in the world, and who want to take on challenges
    • English proficiency: Daily conversation level or above. At least those who have no resistance to English and are willing to learn are welcome (internal meetings may be held in English)
  • welcome conditions
    • Experience in corporate sales of satellite image sales (3-5 years or more) or related industry experience
    • English proficiency: business level or above
    • Work experience related to satellite images (necessary knowledge can be learned through training after joining the company)

Working conditions/treatment

  • Labor type: regular employment, full-time
  • Working hours: Flextime
  • Compensation: TBA (determined at the time of hiring after an interview based on experience and ability)
  • Commuting allowance payment (actual expense adjustment)
  • Virtual office system (work from home system):
  • Holidays: 2 days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays
  • Vacation: Annual paid vacation (and bonus vacation after 5 years, such as congratulatory or condolence leave)
  • English conversation learning aid
  • No smoking on site
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