Business Development Manager (AxelGlobe Business Headquarters)

Company Details

Space within Your Reach - making space a normal place

Company Profile

Under the vision of “Space within Your Reach – making space a normal place -“, Axelspace uses its own microsatellite technology that has been refined since its establishment in 2008 to make space accessible to many people. We aim to realize a society that

In the AxelGlobe project, which started in 2015, we have launched a large number of satellites to provide a new infrastructure for high-frequency monitoring of the earth. successfully launched four mass-produced satellites. In addition, in the new business “AxelLiner”, we will package a series of services such as satellite development and operation for the early realization of customers’ space and satellite business and provide them as a one-stop service.

At Axelspace, we gather members who always have a desire to improve, face the team seriously, aim for growth together, accept diversity and change, and take on challenges positively. As the spread and promotion of the full-scale use of satellites and satellite images is accelerating, if you can sympathize with our vision and commit to the spread and promotion of satellite development and the use of satellite images, please join this attractive team. please join All employees are waiting for applications from everyone!

Business Overview

This position will be a position to promote the AxelGlobe business from all perspectives. You will be asked to contribute to business growth regardless of means such as product design, business planning, sales planning, marketing, etc., and cooperation and negotiations with many stakeholders inside and outside the company are also required.

Job Description

  • Development, planning and execution of new business for the development of AxelGlobe business
  • Design of AxelGlobe business-related products
  • Formulation of business plans/strategies
  • Internal and external project management
  • Development of new alliance companies and business tie-ups
  • Sales management process development and improvement
  • PMO business

Application conditions

  • Necessary conditions
    • 2 years or more experience as a consultant at a consulting company, or 2 years or more experience in planning, strategy construction, and promotion related to the launch of a new business at a business company
    • Experience working with internal and external stakeholders in English
    • Able to identify issues and make decisions using data
    • Possesses high communication skills that enable cross-disciplinary collaboration with software engineers, etc.
    • Can greedily acquire domain knowledge outside of one’s area of ​​expertise in order to carry out work and achieve goals
  • welcome conditions
    • Must have a strong interest in the space business and sympathize with AxelSpace’s Mission and Value
    • Experience in launching and promoting global business
    • Experience building services in collaboration with software engineers
    • Corporate sales experience

Working conditions/treatment

  • Labor type: regular employment, full-time
  • Working hours: Flextime
  • Compensation: TBA (determined at the time of hiring after an interview based on experience and ability)
  • Commuting allowance payment (actual expense adjustment)
  • Virtual office system (work from home system):
  • Holidays: 2 days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays
  • Vacation: Annual paid vacation (and bonus vacation after 5 years, such as congratulatory or condolence leave)
  • English conversation learning aid
  • No smoking on site

Precautions when applying

Please attach your resume and job history (combined in one file) to the resume of the application form, and freely write your motivation and self-promotion in the cover letter column.

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