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About Axelspace

Axelspace has been one of the pioneers of micro-satellite technology and industry since the establishment of the company in 2008, and we envision democratizing space technology to a wider population across the globe for their daily use.
AxelGlobe business started in 2015 to provide a new Earth observation infrastructure by launching multiple micro-satellites for its higher data frequency. In addition to a satellite launched in 2019, we have successfully launched four more satellites in 2021, which used the first mass production technology for satellite production in Japan. Utilizing this small-satellite mass production system, our new service “Axel Liner” also supports clients outside the space industry to actualize their business involved in satellite projects.
As the world faces pivotal stages in democratizing satellite development and satellite imagery use, we are actively looking for someone like you who can enjoy the challenges to make a global impact with micro-satellite technology. Hit that apply button and let’s make our vision, “Space within your reach,” come true, together!

About the Role
A embedded hardware engineer who develops, designs, and tests hardware for embedded devices such as an On Board Computer(OBC) mounted on satellites.

What would you do?

  • Be responsible for embedded hardware development
  • Develops hardware, design circuits, and layout PCBs based on satellite system and component specifications
  • Documents design information
  • Performs design reviews
  • Designs electric circuit by Electric CAD
  • Generates production data, oversees ordering and communications with manufacturers, and performs acceptance tests when the design is delivered
  • Performs FPGA integration by HDL or IDEs
  • Designs and perform various tests
  • Works closely with other engineering teams, partners and vendors to ensure interoperability/reusability
  • Promotes co-debug and interface testing with related subsystems – Work with software designers to solve issues that arise
  • Gives support and troubleshoot problems during satellites initial and nominal operation
  • Performs low-level device driver software integration by C/C++

What requirements should you meet?

  • Mandatory
    • Technical college or university graduation qualifications related to digital circuit, analog circuit, electro-magnetic, computer science, control engineering, mechatronics and other engineering.
    • Ability to communicate at a business level in Japanese or English
    • Investigates, questions, debates, time management, problem solving
    • Designing electric circuits in ECAD with microcomputers or FPGAs and peripherals(power supply, digital and analog interfaces).
    • Designing FPGA logic by VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, or any IDEs and designing test bench.
    • Basic knowledge or experience with computer systems, especially embedded systems.
    • Knowledge of at least one computer architecture. (e.g. ARM, x86 )
    • Writing and reading documents needed to review the hardware design. (e.g. State-machine, Sequence diagram, timing chart)
    • Designing various test. (e.g. Unit test, Function test, system test, environment test)
    • Knowledge of basic I/O protocols like UART/USART, SPI, I2C, etc.
    • Basic knowledge/past experience of how to use test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analyzers, power supplies, etc.
    • Required Attitude
      • Goal Oriented and Result Driven
      • Aim for overall optimization not only for the teams you work in, but also for the entire organization
      • Think for yourself and move yourself (exercise of independence)
      • Emphasis on collaboration and teamwork
      • Invest in knowledge and experience in others
  • Favorable
    • More than 3 years of work experience related to embedded hardware engineering.
    • Ability to simulate circuit by using SPICE (LTSpice, pSPICE, Altium MixedSim, or others).
    • Ability to design PCB layouts.
    • Ability to design FPGA systems with processors, IP cores, or SoCs.
    • Experience in embedded software development with C or C ++.
    • Experience developing software with high real-time characteristics on embedded OS (e.g. FreeRTOS, vxWorks, uCLinux).
    • Experience in HDL simulation and testbenching.
    • Ability to use command line tools, GNU tools, scripting tool (e.g. Python).
    • Ability to use Version control system(e.g. git) well under console environment.
    • Experience building build environment(e.g. Makefile, setting for compiler, linker and other).
    • Ability to design wire harness.
    • Industry-related degrees, qualifications, and letters of recommendation
    • Ability to communicate at a daily conversational level in Japanese and English

Work Environment and Conditions

  • Employment Type: Permanent, full-time
  • Work Hours: Discretionary Labor System
  • Salary: TBA
  • Commuter’s Allowance provided (actual-cost reimbursement)
  • Pay Revision: Once a year, decided upon annual performance evaluation
  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays and New Year holidays
  • Leave: Annual paid of 20 days (& five-year bonus holidays, special leaves for personal events)
  • Relocation Assistance to those moving from abroad
  • Opportunity to attend optional Japanese language lesson
  • No Smoking On Site

Notes on application

  • Please upload your resume/CV (in a single file) to the “Resume” section of the application form. Also, please write about your qualities and motivation for application in the “Cover Letter” section.


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