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Company Details

Space within your reach.

Axelspace has been one of the pioneers of microsatellite technology and industry since the establishment of the company in 2008 with its company vision being “Space within Your Reach,” and we envision to democratize the space technology to a wider population across the globe for their daily use. A new project started in 2015 called AxelGlobe which aims to provide a new Earth observation infrastructure by launching multiple micro-satellites for its higher data frequency. We have successfully launched our first satellite in 2018 and four satellites in 2021, and we currently face a pivotal stage in the development for democratizing satellite imagery use to the world.

Axelspace is a start-up company where employees thrive to go beyond what they are, lead each other to foster individual and team development, and celebrate challenges of an individual and/or a team to respect a diverse set of perspectives and flexibility for further business and technological advancement. If you find yourself getting excited to work with us, hit that “apply” button, and let’s make our vision come true, together!

About the Role

The candidate would design/develop things like UI components and interactions and optimize the performance of browser applications.

What would you do?

The tasks will be mostly related to the AxelGlobe platform, which will provide satellite imagery, analytics solutions, and business activity view for internal use through a Single-Page Application. Also, there are tasks which are related with ground system Web application parts on some dedicated satellite projects.

What requirements should you meet?


  • Degree in Computer Science or work experience equivalent to it.
  • Experience building Single-Page Applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Experience pursuing with passion a better user experience.
  • Experience developing using VCS like git and ticketing software like Jira.
  • Ability to have daily conversations in English.

Highly Desirable

  • Ability to adhere to the standards of web development.
  • Basic understanding of the security features and vulnerabilities of web applications.
  • Experience using libraries and frameworks like React/Redux.
  • Experience with maps and other GIS related libraries such as Mapbox and Turf.js
  • Experience developing using statically-typed languages like TypeScript.
  • Experience developing using the npm ecosystem.
  • Experience developing using tests and static analysis tools.
  • Experience in management or interest in management positions in the future.


  • Experience optimizing the performance of browser applications.
  • Experience using container technologies.
  • Experience using GraphQL APIs.


  • Can think about the product from the viewpoint of customers, business and system
  • Interest in continuously improving a product and your workflow
  • The person who can develop with team when necessary
  • The person who is accountable for what you do
  • Love to learn
  • Love technology

Work Environment and Conditions

  • Employment Type: Permanent, full-time
  • Work Hours: Discretionary Labor System
  • Salary: TBA
  • Commuter’s Allowance provided
  • Pay Revision: Once a year, decided upon annual performance evaluation
  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays and New Year holidays
  • Leave: Annual paid and unpaid leaves provided (& five-year bonus holidays, special leaves for personal events)
  • Relocation Assistance for those moving from abroad
  • Opportunity to attend optional Japanese language lesson
  • No Smoking On Site

Notes on application

Please upload your resume/CV (in a single file) to the “Resume” section of the application form. Also, please submit a cover letter, either in English or Japanese, along with your resume.

Tagged as: java, css, html, ui components

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