Simulation Systems Software And Modeling Engineer

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  • &A minimum of a bachelor’s degree from the departments of Computer, Software, Control, Mechatronics and Aerospace/Aerospace Engineering of universities
  • Good knowledge of C, C++ and C#
  • Experienced in system dynamics and mathematical modeling
  • Knowledge about computer graphics and interested in games
  • Knowledge of relational database and SQL language
  • Experience with PC-based interface applications
  • Speaking English well enough to read and interpret English technical documents
  • Responsible
  • Not related to military service for at least 2 years
  • No travel restrictions
  • Able to keep up with the intense work pace and flexible working hours

Additional Qualifications That May Be Preferred:

  • Has a role in the modeling of any real system
  • Interested in Game and Physics engines
  • Advanced in any game project
  • Developed an application in WPF environment
  • Knowledgeable about ASP.NET, MVC technologies
  • RS232/RS485, CAN, Ethernet etc. able to use links

We are looking for teammates who have the specified qualifications to work in the field of simulation systems within our company, who are experienced or willing to be trained in these fields


Simulation and Game Systems Engineers, in simulation systems used for training and testing, where UAV systems are modeled in detail;

  • Mathematical and Physical Modeling
  • Computer Graphics
  • User Interfaces(Web and Desktop)
  • Communication Protocols and Modeling

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