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Logistics Branch (Army) Strategic Asset Managers

Plan CENTAUR Phases 1 and 2 sought to identify and eliminate maintenance constraints and issues impacting the deployment, operation and sustainment of the Armoured Cavalry Regiments (ACRs). Through Plan CENTAUR Phase 3, Stages 1 and 2, the Program focused on the achievement of broader Army strategic effectiveness outcomes.

During the Plan CENTAUR Program of Work, a number of deliverables were designed to improve the level of guidance available to Land Programs to plan, analyse and model a range of logistic requirements for Land Capabilities. It was evident during this program of work that Logistic Branch personnel did not have the capacity to lean into Land Programs to support the completion of these tasks, which is adversely affecting capability delivery and through life support of Land materiel.

Logistics Branch, Army are therefore seeking a contracted solution for Strategic Asset Management services.

Scope of Work:

Logistics Branch are specifically seeking three asset management resources to provide a conduit into select Army Programs to enhance asset management practices. This will be conducted as an initial Proof of Concept (POC) to enable validation of benefit to Army. Should this
POC prove successful, the contract will have options to extend and to also branch out to other programs (requiring more Strategic Asset Management resources).

They will support and incorporate guidance into Land Program strategies and subordinate documents. They will also ensure these requirements are met during all stages of the Capability Life Cycle, with the aim of significantly enhancing the delivery and sustainment of Land Capabilities.
Initially, one Asset Manager will be required to support DES-A in providing Strategic Asset Manager advice to the Land Programs in relation to infrastructure requirements. The other two Asset Managers will be required to support two of the following Land Programs: Combat Support, Combat Service Support, Soldier Combat Systems, Aviation, Special Operations, Land Manoeuvre Systems or Land ISREW.

DLOG-P will be the custodian of the contract with DLOG-A and DES-A managing the staff. This will ensure the service provider delivers in accordance with agreed deliverables and timelines.

The successful Contractor will be required to support analysis, modelling, planning, and working with DLOG-P, DES-A and DLOG-A staff throughout phases 2-4 of the Capability Lifecycle with Force in-being capabilities and upcoming projects. It is intended they will be required to support the Health of Capability Decision Support Tool to enable improved strategic Asset Management.

Overarching Scope of Work:

  • Support SO1 Sustainment/DES-A in Strategic Asset Management of one of the Land Programs detailed above;
  • Support required analysis, modelling, finance, maintenance and other sustainment tasks across the CLC;
  • Support DLOG-P in providing guidance to projects/programs during phases 1-3 of the CLC specific to their Program;
  • Provide Sustainment Assessment Management (SAM) advice to the staff officers in the Land programs; and
  • Act as a conduit between the Land Program staff and LOG Branch staff in regards to logistics, sustainment, finance, materiel management, asset management and CLC artefacts.

Security Clearances required for personnel working on this Task:

  • The Security Clearance required for Service Provider personnel working on this Task is baseline (NV-1 desirable)
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