Digital Design Engineer, Deep Space Avionics

Company Details

Technologies for low-cost deep-space exploration!

You will be an instrumental member of a small team building a set of smallsat avionics and a water thruster. The operation is new, based in Luxembourg as a spin-off of Deep Space Industries (California) and Bradford Space (Netherlands). Our team in Luxembourg will be kept small (~20 people) and will focus on the single objective of building reliable, performing, and cost-effective products for upcoming satellites, deep-space smallsats and landers. We operate following a hybrid model that aims to fuse the rapid development and commercial processes of a NewSpace company, while attaining a higher degree of quality assurance in the end product.

You would take the responsibility for the development of electronic hardware on our flight computer,
data handling system and transponder subsystems

Essential Characteristics

  • Strong practical experience in electronics design, build, rework, and hardware testing
  • Previous end-to-end experience delivering an electronic product from concept to production
  • Strong competences in digital design aspects, including high-speed data buses (up to Gb Ethernet)
  • Good knowledge of digital components including processors, memory and transceivers
  • Competent embedded software development skills
  • A positive, energetic and self-driving attitude
  • Proficient English language skills

Strongly Valued Characteristics

  • Understanding of the space environment, particularly radiation and its effects
  • Understanding of space hardware quality standards and the space qualification process
  • Any past work on any aspect of spacecraft or hi-reliability electronics
  • Strong embedded software capabilities, and/or familiarity with RTOSes
  • Build-for-test design, and hardware/software test campaign development & execution
  • Build-for-manufacture design experience and supplier management
  • Familiarity with relevant industry standards (e.g. ECSS & IPC)
  • Practical experience running test campaigns (TVAC, vibration, radiation, extreme temperatures)
  • Relevant CAD experience (Altium used in-house for eCAD, thermal FEA and mCAD a plus)
  • A love of bullet-point lists

Key Responsibilities

  • Take product ownership of the flight computer subsystems of our avionics solution
  • Design, optimise, test and qualify these subsystems for deep space missions
  • Support digital design aspects on our transponder and other modules
  • Develop and deploy automated test methods and equipment
  • Setup manufacturing processes and procedures
  • Prepare key documentation for team use and deliverables for stakeholders
  • Deliver to manufacturing stage, a performing product
  • Help maintain a development workshop and tooling

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