Electronic Test Design Engineer, Deep Space Avionics

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Technologies for low-cost deep-space exploration!

You will be an instrumental member of a small team building out a full avionics stack product. This team will focus on the single objective of building a reliable, performing, and mass-optimised flight avionics system for upcoming deep-space smallsats and landers. We operate following a hybrid model that aims to fuse the rapid development and commercial processes of a NewSpace company, while attaining a higher degree of quality assurance in the end product. You would take the responsibility for design and deployment of a testing architecture (including hardware, software and methodologies), and for the execution of developmental test campaigns.

You would work with the space hardware design teams to improve the testability of their subsystems. This is
fundamentally an electronic design role, with recurring testing handed over to another team once set up.

Essential skills

  • Strong competences in electronic system, circuit and hardware design
  • Practical experience building, modifying, and debugging electronic hardware
  • Expertise in electrical test equipment (scopes, generators, loads, as well as their interfacing protocols such as SCPI)
  • An intermediate level of software development skill, to create automated test setups
  • A positive, energetic and self-driven attitude
  • Proficient English language skills

Strongly valued skills

  • Knowledge of typical spacecraft tests, (e.g., TVAC, SEE, TID, vibration, shock, EMC)
  • Familiarity with relevant testing procedures & standards (e.g., ECSS, IPC, ASTM)
  • Knowledge of build-for-test design and automated testing principles
  • Experience designing or specifying and setting up test equipment, harnesses and software
  • Familiarity with GHz RF, high-power (~ 2kW), and/or high-speed digital test equipment
  • Experience working with environmentaltest apparatuses (e.g., thermal/vacuum chamber, shaker)
    Advanced skills in software development (C++, Java) and/or scripting languages (e.g. Python, Lua,
  • Data management and analysis skills
  • Knowledge about the space environment, hardware product assurance techniques and the
    motivations and purpose of the qualification test process
  • Comfortable with setting up and running test campaigns, both in-house and at external facilities
  • Ability to create and maintain procedures for a manufacturing team

Key responsibilities

  • Conceive of, design, and deploy a general testing architecture to test and verify the full range of avionics subsystems being developed (power control, communications and computer modules)
  • Implement a testing setup in hardware and software within that architecture to support all of the development, qualification and acceptance test campaigns
  • In conjunction with the subsystem design teams, contribute to design of modules to improve their testability
  • Prepare and execute test campaigns on components, prototypes and qualification models
  • Setup manufacturing and acceptance test processes and procedures for the recurring test team
  • Manage and maintain the data captured during tests run
  • Prepare testing reports, both internally and for external stakeholders

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