RF Product System Engineer, Deep Space Avionics

Company Details

Technologies for low-cost deep-space exploration!

You will be an instrumental member of a team building out a full avionics stack product. The operation is new, based in Luxembourg as a spin-off of Deep Space Industries (California) and Bradford Space (Netherlands). Our team in Luxembourg will be kept small (~20 people) and will focus on the single objective of building a reliable, performing, and mass-optimised flight avionics system for upcoming deepspace smallsats and landers. We operate following a hybrid model that aims to fuse the rapid development and commercial processes of a NewSpace company, while attaining a higher degree of quality assurance in the end product.

You would execute the high-level design and coordinate the development of a radio subsystem for this avionics system, in conjunction with the radio expert engineer.

Essential Characteristics

  • Track record of developing and delivering radio products
  • Systems-level engineering skills, capable of making high-level engineering and economic tradeoffs
  • Strong understanding of radio engineering principles, parts, process and standards.
  • Proficient English language skills

Strongly Valued Characteristics

  • Knowledge about radios, communications or ranging systems in a spacecraft context
  • Understanding of space hardware quality standards and the qualification process
  • Competences with transceivers, frequency converters and amplifiers
  • Prior SDR, FPGA and/or DSP development experience
  • Ability to technically manage a small team (2-4 people)
  • Prior experience working with ground stations or ground segment equipment
  • Familiarity with CCSDS and/or ECSS-E, and their specified protocols
  • Awareness of presently commercially available space radio systems
  • Build-for-test design, and hardware/software test campaign development & execution
  • Build-for-manufacture design experience

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversee the design, prototyping, testing, qualification and initial manufacture of a radio system
  • Coordinate the 4+ person transponder development team
  • Conduct the architectural development and facilitate design trade-offs
  • Management and verification of design and customer requirements
  • Prepare or review design documentation
  • Identify and specify equipment and other resource needs
  • Manage product programmatic aspects (schedule, risk, costs) in conjunction with avionics project lead
  • Liaise with other avionics products teams to integrate with overall system
  • Liaise with ground segment partner(s) for interface and system testing
  • (Optional) commercialisation and sales activities for the product

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