Product Assurance Engineer, Propulsion and Avionics Products

Company Details

Bradford Space is a high-tech developer and manufacturer that has been innovating the space industry for over three decades. Bradford has over 35 years’ experience developing and manufacturing state of the art in-orbit systems and components. Today, this US-owned company with headquarters in New York City and operations in the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg builds high performance spacecraft propulsion systems, avionics, attitude orbit control systems, microgravity workspaces, and is developing the highly maneuverable Explorer spacecraft for beyond LEO missions.

We are looking for a Product Assurance Engineer (PAE) to support our team developing the new generation of Bradford’s water-based propulsion systems and deep-space avionics products. As a PAE you will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining Bradford’s product assurance standards across different recurring and non-recurring products and engineering programs.

The PAE is responsible for the quality processes in a project, with regards to design, control, methodologies and techniques, results in the agreed quality level of Bradford DSI and of the customers. The PAE acts as an independent body and involves technical functions where the quality management of the production processes (analysis, monitoring, controlling, etc.) is the key focus. The functions can vary greatly from assisting in hands-on quality checks to contributing to the whole quality policy and process management

The operation will aim to blend the responsible high-quality engineering practices of traditional aerospace engineering while implementing the rapid iterative development methods and dynamic workplace culture of a NewSpace style start-up.

Key responsibilities and tasks

  •  Manage Product Assurance requirements in design, development, test and operations
  •  Follow up NCRs, RFWs, RFAs, RFDs and PADs (corrective and preventive actions)
  •  Identify and help to solve problems that pose a risk for product quality and safety
  •  Participate in project meetings and audits
  •  Perform audits to validate flight parts or flight hardware-related services from suppliers.
  •  Provides input for tenders in the area of the quality organization and quality processes. The PAE provides the Statements or Compliances (SoC) that relate to quality
  •  Organize, manage, and close MIPs (MRR, IRR, TRR, TRB, etc.) and KIPs (critical process inspections)
  •  Capture and manage the Configuration Items through a CIDL. The PAE carries out the task as “Configuration Manager” at product level
  •  Provide input to the Project Lead and/or reports on a monthly basis the status of quality aspects as part of the Project specific Progress Report
  •  The PAE is member of the Configuration Control Board and contributes to the comparison between As-designed and As-built
  •  The PAE is responsible for all Product Assurance documents and End Item Data Packages after CDR and until Delivery
  •  The PAE is responsible for the overall design-verification of the product through a VCD.

Essential skills

  •  Bachelor’s degree or higher education degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical, electronic, propulsion or related engineering discipline
  •  3+ years of working experience in the aerospace industry
  •  Experience with quality assurance principles, methods, and processes
  •  Proficient English language skills

Strongly valued/desired skills

  •  Previous experience in quality role
  • Knowledge of quality tools problem solving approaches
  •  Experience preparing ESA technical reviews (PDR, CDR, etc.)
  •  Strong knowledge of relevant industry standards
  •  Experience with space propulsion systems and electronics
  •  Experience with ground support equipment, tooling and mechanical systems
  •  Knowledge of the SmallSat market and the techniques that permit low-cost missions
  •  Exposure to full-lifecycle spacecraft subsystems development process
  •  Knowledge of each phase of spacecraft components development
  •  Experience with Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)

What we can offer in return

We offer you the opportunity to develop a completely new generation of space products to enable additional capabilities to future smallsat missions, from station keeping and debris removal to prospecting and deep space missions in our solar system. You would take on an influential role in a new, revenue-generating company, with a mandate to focus on technical design and implementation on an aggressive development schedule featuring rapid hardware iterations. The position is in Luxembourg, a beautiful, cosmopolitan and welcoming country at the heart of Europe.

We would usually expect candidates to have 3+ years’ experience in relevant fields. The role is open to candidates of any age, gender, orientation, that have or can get work authorization within the EU.


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