Embedded Software Engineer, Deep Space Avionics

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Technologies for low-cost deep-space exploration!

We are looking for a candidate to join our small design team to develop, test, qualify and initialise manufacture of multifunctional modules for a deep-space avionics stack.

You will be a key member of a new, small team building out a full avionics stack product. Our team in Luxembourg is a subsidiary of the Netherland-based Bradford Space. It will focus on the single objective of building a reliable, performing, and mass-optimised flight avionics system for upcoming deep-space smallsats and landers. You would be part of the team designing and deploying the flight software throughout this stack, particularly the flight and payload computers, working closely with the hardware.  

The operation will aim to blend the responsible, high-quality engineering practices of traditional aerospace engineering while implementing the rapid iterative development methods and dynamic workplace culture of a New-Space style start-up.

Essential skills

  • Embedded C programming & debugging skills
  • Some experience with real time embedded applications
  • Good skills in bare-metal software, RTOS and embedded Linux platforms
  • Familiarity with standard communication protocols (inc. CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet)
  • Expertise on some MCUs, processors & SoCs
  • Basic skills in electronics, including being able to interpret schematics
  • Passionate about embedded application development and willingness to learn new things
  • Proficient English language skills

Strongly valued skills

  • Familiarity with existing spacecraft flight computer systems (OBC, CDHS or OBHD subsystems)
  • Understanding of space hardware quality standards and the space qualification process
  • Prior experience with FPGAs and Verilog/VHDL development
  • Skills with Python or other scripting languages and GUI development tools (C#, Visual Studio)
  • Understanding of the space environment, particularly radiation and its effects
  • Experience with memory technologies, management and implementation
  • Familiarity with relevant industry standards (e.g. ECSS, SAVOIR, CCSDS)
  • Happy working with electronic hardware, including rework.
  • Practical experience running test campaigns (TVAC, vibration, radiation, extreme temperatures)

Key responsibilities

  • Design, optimise, test and qualify MCU and SoC embedded software for spacecraft flight computer system for deep space missions
  • Understand the underlying electronics to the point where it influences firmware development and debugging
  • Contribute to overall avionics product design and ensure subsystem interoperability
  • Setup code deployment systems
  • Develop test code at the unit and integration testing levels.
  • Creation of technical concepts and specifications
  • Generation of lasagne (or equivalent) for colleagues on annual basis

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