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We are a group of ‘deep tech’ R&D companies that work on (cool) cutting edge, advanced, useful technology has big potential to help humanity exponentially.

We are a group of ‘deep tech’ R&D companies that work on (cool) cutting edge, advanced, useful technology has big potential to help humanity exponentially. This has included AI on the edge (think Amazon Alexa with no need for Internet) to Zephyr solar-electric aircraft and space laser communications. We seek to answer difficult questions and solve the hard problems, and as a group we do this by 1) prioritising to grow our technical capabilities rather than profits, 2) finding exceptional talents then giving them support and exposure that would otherwise not happen in big established companies, and 3) building strong operations, management and backstage systems to fast track and support those.

The new hire would play a vital role in enabling the third goal as part of a small business operations team. The successful candidate must have equal measures of ambition and motivation for doing hard things entrepreneurially and growing themselves rapidly. They would enjoy delivering results proactively, quickly, efficiently, and with quality, in line with the team’s needs, drivers and constraints.

Your objectives in this role:

  • Operations management: Enable the company to scale efficiently using automation (we also have robots and virtual assistants!), (lean) processes, better information flow.
  • Market and business development: Gain and act on insights into the market/ industry relevant to companies, such as by supporting external communication, conducting market research and analysis, to inform on strategies to help the company move fast and become market-leader
  • Grow into deputy operations manager in near term, chief operations manager in mid-term as our companies grow. Your growth path could be e.g. company executives, advisers to management consultant (in or outside our companies) in the future.


The new hire will rotate around some to all the following areas, depending on their preferences, progression, experience, competences, behaviours, and other factors affecting the business. You will then select core areas to own and eventually lead your own team(s) in those areas. You will be working together with team leads owning each of the following areas, working hands-on, reviewing existing systems, introducing new strategy, making decisions, implementing new measures and monitoring/ evaluating their effectiveness.

  • HR: HR strategy and admins, recruitment and talent management activities.
  • Finance: accounting, procurement, budgeting, reporting
  • Marketing: Copywriting, social media management, branding. Conduct market research and business analysis. Bid writing support. Support future customer engagements.
  • Office management: e.g. manage office filing system (mostly digital), receive/direct phone calls, logistics and rentals, quality standards and accreditation (e.g. ISO9001), organising socials…
  • Legal: support in legal activities around intellectual properties, commercial to employment law.
  • IT: systems administration, information management, network infrastructure, assets, IT policies…


As a new graduate role, this post does not require extensive or specialist experience, but does require the following traits. We look for growth mindsets and evidence of potential. Support and coaching will be given to strengthen/develop these inherent abilities and training will be given for more specialist work areas above.

  • Strong cognitive ability, analytical and problem-solving skills so as to make and take responsibility for strategic decisions.
  • Technology-savvy
  • Strong organisational and time management skills
  • Proactive, ambitious, results driven
  • Ability to lead, enable, coordinate with others
  • Clear, concise, effective communication. Proficient in English.
  • Ability to be coached and trained
  • Good energy, positive, encouraging, life loving attitude (most of the times)
  • Graduated or expecting to graduate with at least a 2:1


  • Salary £26,000 – £35000 annual equivalent depending on your experience/skills
  • Sick pay, pensions contributions and paid annual holidays.
  • Merit based rewards: Good performance will result in annual promotion but excellent performance exceeding expectations will attract much more frequent promotion and potential stock options
  • Flexible, friendly, open culture with nice, positive colleagues.
  • Investment in your development with allowance for training, conferences as needed
  • Free hot drinks, fruits, delicious snacks and treats
  • Discounts for popular brands (groceries, restaurants, technology, cinemas…)
  • Flexible perks (choose your own e.g. audiobooks, charity support,…)
  • Opportunities to travel and work on overseas project
  • We work around delivery-focused, agile sprints such that you will be making impact early and regularly, with a sustainable work-life balance.
  • Work from home and flexible work hours arrangements
  • We also work in the buzzing Harwell Space Campus with regular events on site (networking, workshops), and delicious lunch time international cuisines.

Location: New hires to join our office in Harwell Campus, which is 20 minutes’ drive from central Oxford or 5-10 minutes from Wantage or Didcot. Direct bus connection is available from central Oxford or Didcot as well.

Further Details:

This role will close once suitable applicants are appointed, with the start date negotiable.

To comply with data protection laws, we keep all candidates’ personal data confidential and secure while their applications are being considered and remove such data as soon as possible (in the same month) once a decision has been reached.

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