Optical R&D Engineer

Company Details

Within the Technical Department, under the responsibility of Guillaume, the Technical Director, you will be in charge of multiple optical research and development projects and the improvement of existing products.

Your main duties are to:

  • Carry out optical design and prototyping studies for various projects;
  • Conduct performance validation tests and experiments;
  • Participate in improving the performance and production processes of existing products;
  • Provide and update technical documentation (plans, specifications, procedures and design files) during the development and industrialization phases.

And you ?

Key points:

  • PhD, you have at least 3 years experience in the development of optical technologies (thesis included).
  • Your skills in design, assembly, alignment and measurement of optical systems in free space are recognized.
  • You also have expertise in programming (modeling, interfacing or data analysis).
  • You speak fluent English.

Desirable skills:

  • You master the different phases of product development, from prototype to industrialization;
  • You have experience with Python for interfacing various equipment.

About Cailabs

Founded in 2013, Cailabs is a French deeptech company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative photonic products for telecommunications and industrial lasers.

Cailabs is the world leader in complex light shaping and its technology is today the subject of 19 patents.

Its components are used in a variety of fields, from aeronautical cabling to factory local area networks and additive manufacturing, and have contributed to several world records (notably the record for optical fibre throughput by the Japanese operator KDDI).

Holder of the French Tech Pass, Cailabs has been awarded the DeepTech4Good Industrie 4.0 Prize for the importance it places on technological leadership.

Based in Rennes, France, the company has raised €16.6 million since its creation and has nearly 50 employees.

Interested in joining us?

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