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Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services brings together deep domain expertise to lead the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through technology, engineering, and manufacturing expertise. Consulting, technology, and assets-led solutions enable global companies to unlock the true potential of their product portfolios and manufacturing efficiencies.

We are looking for senior software engineer to join a team working on a mission-critical data aggregation and visualization platform. Experienced programmers with a passion for the craft will find an interesting and challenging workplace where they can learn and excel.

Let’s talk about the role and responsibilities:  

  • Deep technical knowledge – you know the right approach for each situation, the challenges and the pitfalls, and confidently apply this to new problems
  • Focused on delivering – deadlines are a reality, but you know where and how to make the compromise between short-term goals and long-term quality
  • Design comes first – before you write code you’ve talked to the experts and stakeholders, you’ve sketched out designs and you know what you’re building
  • Develop, maintain and evolve software architecture based on the requirements
  • Design innovative solutions to real problems, develop and maintain a high performance, large scale system involving databases
  • Communicate and work closely with the client, on-site teams, and offshore project teams

Let’s talk about your qualifications and experience: 

  • Python, Linux, SQL (Postgres/PostGIS specifically, but other databases are required and there is a lot of common ground with databases)
  • Networking, Architectural patterns
  • Deployment and team tool technologies (e.g. JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, git, Bash shell scripting)
  • Familiarity with service oriented architectures
  • Work on a code base as part of a team
  • Solve complex problems
  • Excellent communication skills – verbal & written

Good experience to have:

  • Automation, CI/CD, testing, build systems
  • C++
  • Packaging, containerisation
  • Cloud APIs, cloud architecture

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