PhD position in theoretical quantum physics

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We are looking for talented and motivated students to join our theoretical team. We have several exciting research directions that are available for motivated students:

Novel quantum technology

We are interested in using theoretical quantum optics to design novel technology with a quantum advantage over conventional devices. One of the most rewarding experiences in theoretical work is to see your theory realized in a lab; therefore, we are especially interested in designs that are both theoretically interesting and can also easily be completed by experimentalists.

Quantum timekeeping

One of the greatest successes in quantum technology is the atomic clock. We are interested in using the theoretical tools of quantum and classical optics, quantum information, and atomic physics to improve atomic clocks. This involves designing schemes that make more precise measurements and solving problems that improve global timekeeping.

AI for quantum physics

We are interested in physics problems that can be solved with artificial intelligence. There are many important problems that have proved quite difficult for human minds, yet they are solvable with AI. We aim to design an AI system that can investigate a variety of interesting and impactful physics problems.

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