Postdoc positions in quantum algorithms and/or quantum simulation with NISQ devices

Company Details

The positions are in the group of Dimitris G. Angelakis in the Centre for Quantum Technologies Singapore. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong research background and a PhD in quantum information with a focus on quantum algorithms to complement the group’s expertise in quantum simulation and computation. Past work in quantum algorithm design and/or quantum machine learning and/or quantum optimization problems, especially with NISQ devices for real world applications (chemistry, logistics, finance etc) will be a strong plus. The research will involve both analytical ‘pen and paper’ studies as well as numerical simulations; it is also expected that use of prototype quantum computers will be involved for testing of the algorithms (in direct collaboration with experimentalists, or remotely, through access to online quantum hardware).

A strong publication record in high impact research journals is essential, strong motivation for research excellence as well as ability to work in an interdisciplinary team is desired.

The group’s research interests range from implementations of quantum simulation, quantum many-body systems, more recently quantum machine learning and optimization with NISQ processors (see group’s website). The group has active collaborations with world leading theory and experimental quantum groups in Singapore, Europe and US.

The positions are available as soon as possible and can be up to 3 years with possible extension. More senior research appointments can also be considered for experienced candidates. Salary is very competitive and depends on experience, with access to travel funds as well.

Tagged as: chemistry, quantum machine learning, nisq processors, quantum simulation, quantum hardware, quantum algorithm design

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