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Depending on the needs of their respective professions, geographers, thematic scientists (forest, coastline, etc.), institutions (Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane (CTG), Agence d’Urbanisme et de Développement de la Guyane (AUDeG), etc. for land use planning) acquire satellite data (or aerial data, or from drones, more recently).

But the data obtained: raw then processed for the respective needs, are rarely shared by a larger community.

  • A project is underway at the national level to make a complete census of all these geomatic banks which have exploded in recent years… It is a colossal job which will probably take several years. However, with each new need for a specific image, the time spent searching for the data is time wasted.
  • The internship would consist of making an exhaustive inventory of all data sources, thematic portals, etc. remote sensing images over Guyana.
  • During his internship, the intern will be required to train in remote sensing data, to learn about everything that can be extracted from it as information and, of course, to carry out the census described above then the classification by providing comments, criticisms, remarks on the identified sources. Finally, he will make a proposal for a user-friendly tool allowing a simple, fast and efficient search of data, according to criteria of need.

Profile of candidate sought:

  • Bac + 2 or bac + 3

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