Prevention & consequences in an ICPE of hot gas discharge into the atmosphere

Company Details

You too, be an actor in the space adventure!

Your mission at CNES:

Carry out calculations of dispersions of hot gaseous effluents in the atmosphere
using a CFD tool by solving the Navier-Stokes equations (Analyze
cases and documents already carried out, propose improvements, define a plan
of actions and implement it)

  • Produce the documentation describing the work carried out
  • Three-dimensional calculation platforms to know: CFD code: Saturne
    (open source from EDF) and Fluent D’ANSYS

Desired knowledge:

  • In RANS turbulence model and
  • In programming: python, fortran and C

Profile of candidate sought:

Engineering school specializing in Fluid Mechanics or Master 2: Fluid Mechanics

Tagged as: python, fortran, calculations, cfd code, saturne, rans turbulence model

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