Hazard impact study of launcher’s stages fallbacks onto world air traffic

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Your mission at CNES:

The operational mission of the Flight Safety department is to guarantee at all times the safety of people, properties and environment around the world before, and after the launcher’s liftoff.

The increase of space and air traffic in the world has risen serious questions about the cohabiting of the space industry with the air navigation. In the recent years, several events have been exposed: the fallback and splashdown of spent rocket stages and the atmospheric reentry of space debris. These events represent a threat to world air traffic and particularly on densely air traffic routes and corridors such as the North Atlantic Tracks.

With the help of scheduled air traffic density data correlated with launch timelines from the French Guiana Space Center and the safety requirements of the French Space Operations Act, the purpose will be to assess the risk of spent rocket stages falling back onto global air traffic. The risk assessment will be made using nominal and non-nominal rocket trajectory profiles from rockets lifting off the French Guiana Space Center in order to analyze the fallback’s risk fluctuations.

The interest of the study is to demonstrate the need of tactical cooperation, coordination and development of real-time safety-critical communication tools from the space authority directly to Air Traffic Operations.

The internship will be split in two major phases:

  • Appropriation of Flight Safety methods and operational tools
  • Interfacing with International Air Traffic Authorities, simulation of non-nominal trajectories and accidental fallback zones, probabilistic risk assessment.
  • If the schedule allows it at the end of the internship, a paper will be edited and submitted together with the intern for a renowned conference.

Specific Requirements:

  • Programming languages, ideally Python
  • Orbital and launch dynamics
  • Ability of conversing in a fluent English, (without hesitation) with foreign interfaces and representatives.

Tagged as: programming, orbital dynamics, air traffic, launch dynamics, simulation of non-nominal trajectories, probabilistic risk assessment

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