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You too, be an actor in the space adventure!

You too, be an actor in the space adventure!

Reporting hierarchically to the Sub-Directorate in charge of Protection, Safeguarding and the Environment, the Environment and Safeguard Service is responsible for the Safeguarding of people, property and the environment during specimen testing and phases. preparation and launching of spacecraft operated from the CSG.

The missions entrusted to you:

To ensure the safeguard on the ground of people, goods and the environment, you are in charge of implementing and developing the tools for safeguarding the modeling of the accidental effects (mechanical, thermal, toxic) linked to the tests on the thruster bench. and Ariane / Vega / Soyuz launches using CFD codes for the resolution of fluid mechanics of analytical codes (EFFECTS, PHAST, etc.) or CNES codes.

Your main areas of study: CFD modeling, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, atmospheric diffusion of aerosols, explosion, fire.

You are a privileged interlocutor of the engineers of the ground safeguard service of the CNES / CSG, of the industrialists of the CSG and of the Launcher Department of the CNES based in Metropolitan France.

As Weather Backup Manager, you ensure an operational position on launch campaigns. To do this, you follow a qualification program following our internal training course.

Profile of candidate sought:

General engineer graduated from a high school or university equivalent with a specialization in fluid mechanics, you are comfortable expressing yourself in French and English (read, spoken, written).

You have already acquired a first professional experience in CFD modeling (Fluent ANSYS) and in Python programming, ideally in the industrial sector with major risks.

Your ability to work in a team, your interpersonal skills and your technical expertise are as many assets for success in this position as your self-control, your rigor, your spirit of synthesis.

Your education and experience match, apply directly with CV + cover letter + diplomas.


Fluid and solid mechanics, Python programming

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