Ground Segment Engineer – Space Mission Control Center

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Your mission at CNES:

CNES is developing a new line of software for satellite control centers, which will be used by future missions.

Your mission will consist in developing a tool which will allow the graphic editing of procedures using predefined and configurable blocks representing functionalities (sending of remote control, verification of satellite telemetry, …). These blocks will be based on a pivot language, allowing the description and parameterization of the function. Once the arrangement of the blocks is completed, a compilation must be made into an execution language. This language is Python for the control centers product line, but the tool must allow the addition of compilations to other languages.Finally, the execution will allow you to see the tree of the procedure live in order to follow its progress.

In this context, you will appropriate and study the current functions of the procedure editor as well as the results of a business study identifying the state of the art in terms of tools and metalanguage that can be used. In collaboration with the different types of users and the development team of the control center product line, you will specify, produce and validate an initial version of the graphical editor and executor of procedures with the main functions expected. .

An implementation of this tool will be formalized in the form of tests with production of data sets (set of procedures, etc.).

You will ultimately identify the technical points to be deepened, as well as the changes to be made to plan for the provision of a more complete version.

You will work in collaboration with the system manager of the software product line and the automation software manager in order to consolidate the choices made and bring a credible and lasting solution for the line of control centers and meeting the needs of on-board operations, ground and test lines for instruments and satellites.

Profile of candidate sought:

  • Engineer or university graduate, you have a good analytical and technical synthesis spirit which allows you to manage projects and collaborate with a team of high level technical professionals.
  • You are passionate about computer technology and its application to solve business problems. Good knowledge in software development, architecture and modeling and software development tools/methods are necessary.
  • Knowledge of the technologies and standards used in the ground command/control segments would be a plus.
  • You know how to develop and follow an activity schedule and work in collaborative mode, especially in a customer/supplier relationship.
  • Diplomacy, creativity, thoroughness, autonomy, ability to work in a team are the main qualities that will allow you to succeed in this position.

EXPERIENCE: 2 to 5 years
STUDY LEVEL: Master, DESS, DEA, Bac + 5

Tagged as: analytical skills, technical skills, manage projects, collaborate, computer technology, customer/supplier relationship

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