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Within the Operations sub-directorate, the IT department (Telecommunications and information) is responsible for the technical management, operation and maintenance in operational conditions of the means of Telecommunication, Video Optics and IT of ‘Business. He must also provide assistance to users and propose and monitor the renewal and development of equipment and systems.

The Service is also responsible for piloting the CSG’s Digitalization program, the objective of which is to enable the Kourou space base (CSG) to improve its competitiveness thanks to the generalization of the latest generation digital tools and resources. This major program was decided and funded during the ESA Ministerial Commission in November 2022.

You are integrated into the Optical-Video team of the CSG and ensure an operational activity in support of satellite campaigns and launches: You are in interface with the operators responsible for the launches and the customers responsible for the satellites

You have technical activities, being responsible for the MCO (maintenance in operational conditions) of all the means placed under your responsibility.

As such:

  • As ROMS (Optronics and Specialized Means Manager): This is an operational function held during satellite campaigns and launches, you are responsible for the availability and proper functioning of all Voice/Optical/ Video configured for a campaign.
  • As GT (Technical Manager): You are responsible for the MCO (Maintenance in Operational Conditions) of the technical systems placed under your responsibility. You follow the business entrusted to you (drafting of requirements specifications, drafting of CCTPs, selection report, monitoring of industrial services, installation, qualification, preparation for maintenance, etc.).
  • As an AMOA (Project Management Assistant): Given your knowledge and your future expertise in the field of Optics/Video and voice transmission, you are integrated into a project structure aimed at implementing installation of new systems (cameras for satellite customers).


Trained as an Optronics or Network Engineer, Grande Ecole or university equivalent, you have good skills in the audiovisual sector, the technical means of electronic hardware and software used in this field and a good knowledge of computer networks.

You are fluent in English: read, written, spoken (TOEIC / TOEL) and have a few years of professional experience in an equivalent context is desirable.

You have a sense of responsibility, a taste for teamwork, an aptitude for writing and presentation and you demonstrate rigour, method, spirit of synthesis, critical spirit, taste for improving and developing systems, the sense of reporting.

You are the ideal candidate for this position


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