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As part of the Base Backup activity, the Pyrotechnics Expert ‘s responsibilities relate to the following areas:

  • preparation of regulatory studies on pyrotechnic installations (Work Safety Study) of CNES/CSG and coordination of studies relating to CSG establishments,
  • analysis of the technical compliance (backup submission process from feasibility to operational implementation at the CSG) of launch systems (launchers and associated ground resources) with applicable regulations, in particular with regard to classified installations, installations pyrotechnics, REI and CSG master plan,
  • management of major industrial risks related to co-activity between CSG establishments,
  • participation in the development of regulations resulting from the LOS (REI, regulatory instructions and coordination instructions).
  • operation: participation in the Ground Backup system during the launch timelines as Backup Compliance Manager (RCS) or Crisis Backup Engineer (ISC),
  • technical management: you are an actor in the submission process related to the evolution of launchers and ground installations. You participate in the development of Soil Safeguarding methodologies. You propose the evolutions of the ground backup processes,
  • quality assurance: you may be required to participate in the Anomaly Processing Commissions. You participate in quality improvement. As such, you make quality improvement proposals and monitor and carry out the actions entrusted to you,
  • on-call: After qualification, you perform the level 2 backup on-call function,
  • compliance control: Within the framework of the Space Operations Act, you act as a compliance controller who carries out all or part of the systems and procedures compliance control mission assigned to CNES by article 331-2 paragraph g of the Research Code (article 28 of the Law on Space Operations). This activity includes the duties described below,
  • Integrity: The monitor must not engage in activities or establish professional relationships that could compromise the impartial nature of his judgment. He must not accept anything in his personal interest that could compromise his professional judgment. He must reveal all the material facts of which he is aware which might cast doubt on his impartiality,
  • professional secrecy: The controller is bound by professional secrecy under the conditions described by the CNES Staff Regulations and by the legislation in force. It must use with caution, and for the sole purposes of its control mission, the information collected in the course of its activities; he must protect this information and communicate it only to those who need to know it.

In addition, you are called upon to lead and participate in commissions and working groups as a Safeguarding representative by delegation of the head of department and represent the head of department for the subjects entrusted to him.


  • Engineer or university equivalent in the following fields: – pyrotechnics, space propulsion, launcher architecture, risk analysis, operational safety analysis of complex electrical, mechanical, fluid, pyrotechnic systems.
  • Perfect mastery of the French language (editorial quality). English read, spoken and written essential.
  • Successful experience of at least 10 years in the following areas: – pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic safety, development of pyrotechnic safety studies, major risk management.
  • Rigor, organization, method, spirit of synthesis, great availability, dynamism, very good human contacts, team spirit.

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