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Special working conditions: hours can be adjusted according to operational constraints: staggered hours, flexibility, on-call


Under the hierarchical authority of the department head, the incumbent is integrated into the team in charge of Telemetry resources located at the Galliot station. Under the direct responsibility of the Telemetry Technical Manager, his objectives are as follows:

  1.  Gradually assume the operational function of Deputy Telemetry Manager (RTM/A) during the launch campaigns and possibly RTM in a second phase.
  2. Set up tools (descriptions of stations, synoptics) to improve control of the configuration of the Telemetry means in order to help the Telemetry Managers in their analysis and their proposals for correction of the anomaly sheets.
  3. All of the Telemetry resources are subject to perpetual modifications that must be constantly monitored and whose correct treatment must be guaranteed in accordance with the quality rules in use at the CSG. The telemetry resources are geographically relocated:
  4. In Galliot near Kourou: AG telemetry station, Saint Jean TM station, SCET processing facilities, etc.
  5. Abroad: Downstream stations of Natal (Brazil), Ascension, Libreville (Gabon), Malindi (Kenya), Bermuda
  6. Mobile resources (TM kits, SNA naval station, SAR-Nata mobile station) deployable anywhere in the world
  7. Participate in the evolution of Telemetry means via Modification Requests (BT, QT): Investigate and process some modification files.




The RTM/A provides support to the RTM (Telemetry Manager for a launch campaign), who is responsible for setting up the technical configuration, coordinating the operational means and the human resources at his disposal to carry out his missions. It assists the RTM:

  • for the analysis of launch campaigns (upstream studies, sizing),
  • for the definition and performance of the various tests to be carried out to validate the operational system for which it is responsible,
  • for the presentation of the state of the Telemetry systems during the RPB Phase 2 for the launch,
  • during the different campaign timelines
  • for coordinating the activities of the various components of the Telemetry system.


High school engineer or equivalent with a specialty in IT and/or electronics (RF) with the necessary versatility in IT and electronics acquired through training or experience, in particular knowledge of: Station techniques (microwave, servoing, modulation, reception).

IT (real-time aspects, networks, workstations), Data transmission and signal processing,

Quality assurance – ISO 9001 certification, 

Languages : French – English: Read, written, spoken

Professional experience : 

Beginner or a few years of experience in an aeronautical/space operational environment or in a complex operational context. Experience developing and/or implementing heterogeneous and/or electronic IT systems

Skills needed for the position  :

  • Interpersonal skills and team spirit
  • Anaytical and synthetical mind,
  • Technical rigor and method,
  • Availablity,
  • Adaptability.

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