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Missions of the Real Estate and Heritage Department

The Real Estate and Heritage Department, comprising around ten people, is responsible for the technical management of all the real estate assets, non-technical tertiary at the base and outside the CNES base in Guyana.

He is also responsible for monitoring all files concerning the accommodation of CNES staff on the move and is in charge of general support work for non-base property assets (green spaces, pests, cleaning, island waste).

The scope of the service is likely to change due to an upcoming reorganization, which will involve the addition of logistics activities.

Missions of the holder

Reporting hierarchically to the Sub-Director in charge of Administration and Heritage, the Head of the IP Service is responsible for:

  • Express the needs for renovation, maintenance, investment or disinvestment.
  • Develop the Master Plan for the Development and Programming of Real Estate Investment Operations.
  • Implement works, manage their execution and ensure acceptance once these operations are completed.
  • Ensure the day-to-day maintenance of the non-technical real estate assets of CNES in Guyana (housing, hotel complexes, premises and leisure facilities, Salvation Islands, etc.) in conjunction with external contractors and with the assistance of CSG structures of the Operations Sub-Directorate and Protection Sub-Directorate and externally on service providers.
  • Follow the housing file concerning CNES staff on the move.
  • Provide its expertise on all the projects conducted by its service, as well as for the preparation of building permit files issued by all the players present on the space base.
  • To be responsible for relations and work agreements with the Department of Cultural Affairs with regard to the heritage of the Salvation Islands and those with the operators of hotel complexes.

Profile of candidate sought:

  • General engineer or construction specialty, or building engineer for all trades.
  • Good knowledge of the technical and economic environment of an industrial site.
  • Mastery of standardization and regulation in its field of activity (ERP, MOP law, SSI, PMR, RTA, DOM,…).
  • A minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the conduct of construction operations (TCE) or building restructuring and in site monitoring.
  • Experience in team management or coordination.


Tagged as: construction specialty, building engineer, all trades, construction operations, building restructuring, in site monitoring, team management/coordination, standardization/regulation

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