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The National Centre for Space Studies is the French government space agency. Its headquarters are located in central Paris and it is under the supervision of the French Ministries of Defence and Research.


The National Center for Space Studies proposes and implements France’s space policy. Its 2,450 employees are spread over 4 centers of excellence based in Toulouse, Paris, and Kourou in Guyana. The Guiana Space Center is the space port of Europe: an innovative, efficient and eco-responsible base for preparing and launching satellites. New means are being deployed there to meet the future challenges of access to Space, with the imminent arrival of the new ARIANE 6 and VEGA-C launchers.

Faced with the rise of digital, digitalization, favored by the increasing complexity of systems and networks, CNES on its various establishments must ensure the implementation of high-level IT solutions. This is particularly true at the Guiana Space Center, a strategic launching base for European space activity

You too, be a player in the space adventure: CNES is recruiting a RADAR ENGINEER in Kourou


You are attached hierarchically to the Sub-Directorate in charge of Operations and Technical Resources and will exercise within the Measurement Acquisition Service. This service is responsible for the technical management and implementation of the resources constituting the channels associated with the Telemetry, Location, Remote Control and Meteorology functions of CNES / CSG. It also provides system studies and analyzes concerning the Base Measurement system, as well as, by delegation, the technical management of the Backup Vol.

Your missions will be as follows:

You guarantee the provision of Location/Speed ​​Cameras/Remote Control services for launch campaigns. As an RLOC (Localization Manager, Deputy to the Director of launch operations), you guarantee the preparation and configuration of the Localization of launchers and Remote control resources for the benefit of the Backup missions, and ensure the operational maintenance of the Localization and Backup computer resources.

You are responsible for the operational function of Location Manager (RLOC) during launch campaigns, technical management of the Radar systems of the Location and Backup system, technical monitoring of services under the Industrial Contract. You may need to provide support on any means of service, in your area of ​​expertise.

Technical Management:

As part of the technical management, you participate in: the analysis of anomalies affecting the means, the definition, the specification, the coordination and the follow-up of the technical actions of maintenance or of hardware and software evolutions (instruction or piloting of the instruction of the proposals of modifications), as well as the definition, the coordination, the follow-up and the reception of new supplies (New projects) with the DLA / SDS design authority.

Quality Assurance:

As part of the management of the Quality documentary system, you participate in the organization and development of the quality documentary system for the activity, the management of technical documentation, modification proposals, operational procedures, electronic archive management.


As the Location Manager (RLOC) of a launch campaign, you are responsible for the technical, operational and human configuration of the means and resources you have. You present the status of the Location, Remote Control and Control Center systems during the Base Preparation Review for launch. You are responsible for providing the various services (quality, deadlines), for defining the various tests to be carried out to validate the operational system for which you are responsible. During the tests and chronologies, you coordinate the activities of the different components of the Localization system. You work as a team in the context of campaigns with the Measurement Assistant, the Operations Director and the Backup Manager for the different systems implemented for the benefit of operational users (Location, Remote Control, Control Center). You manage the operational documentation associated with the launch.


You participate and you are actors on the following projects:

  • The CSG NG (CSG New Generation), the CDO (Operations Center) and the SNT (Transverse Digital Base) with new technologies, digitalization of activities, intelligent maintenance; CSG driving projects involving several CNES departments.
  • Progressive development towards new trades involving a rise in skills and a widening of the spectrum
  • Arrival of new generation speed cameras (AMAZONIE 1 and AMAZONIE 2), KASSAV1 (Autonomous On-board localization system), KASSAV2 (Autonomous backup on board the launcher), CALLISTO, SPACE-RIDER
  • Preparing for the future with the arrival of micro-launchers, finding new users, etc.

Content of delegations

You are in charge of the technical management of the following means:

  • Radars of Trajectography,
  • SLT (System of Localization and Trajectography) and associated peripherals,
  • computer systems of Flight Backup, Stations Remote Control, Jupiter 2 Control Center.
  • Contribution to the supervision of trainees, of visits.

Profile of candidate sought:


  • The position is based in Guyana


  • Trained as a general engineering school, you have knowledge in trajectography, radar technique, radiofrequency, signal processing.
  • You master English and are able to work in this language.
  • You have professional experience of 5 to 6 years in one of the aforementioned technical fields.

You have the necessary skills to hold the position:

  • taste for the coordination of technical and operational activities,
  • sense of responsibility,
  • a spirit of analysis and synthesis,
  • autonomy,
  • sense of human relations,
  • spirit of team,
  • humility,
  • organizational skills and adaptability.


  • computer science

EXPERIENCE: 2 to 5 years
STUDY LEVEL: Master, DESS, DEA, Bac + 5


Tagged as: radio frequency, signal processing, trajectography, radar technique, location/remote control/control center systems, speed cameras

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