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Communications/Digital RF Engineer who will be part of a dynamic team to design flight capable RF solutions for use in software-defined radio systems. You will work with the Engineering Team to lead the design and implementation of FPGA-based radio systems to carry out communications between assets in the ASI network. Your solutions will be deployed on both space and ground systems for space-to-space and space-to-ground communications. You will regularly interface with the Operations and Business Development Teams to gather customer requirements for continued and future operational needs and network evolution.


  • Development of end-to-end FPGA SoC comms solutions on the ASI technical team
  • Work with and drive technical team to develop, test and deploy in-flight SDR configurations
  • Interface with the Operations Team technical staff to provide SDR support for in-space assets
  • Work with management to identify comms system development priorities, develop option space for company objectives, develop near- and mid-term execution plans
  • Interface with the Business Development Team to identify short- and long-term communications system requirements

Basic Qualifications:

  • Very strong communications fundamentals (modem, FEC, synchronization, analysis)
  • Experience with GNU Radio (custom processing and application development)
  • Experience with custom FPGA Modem DSP, prototyping and bring up
  • Experience with FPGA system design – simulation, clock management, resource management
  • Experience with end-to-end testing, validation, characterization

Preferred Skills/We’d like to see:

  • Experience with RF Front-end electronics – LNA, PA, converters, down converters, etc.
  • Experience with mobile network architectures and OSI model
  • Experience with satellite-based communications
  • Experience with Xilinx / ADI or Ettus SOC-based FPGAs
  • Experience in other, non-RF FPGA utility – LVDS, DSP, DMA, etc.
  • Experience with project scoping, planning, cost-risk assessments
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