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CS GmbH is an IT Service Company specialized in space ground segment activities. Our activities cover the full life cycle of Space project from early study phases to operations. Our main customers are ESA (ESOC and ESTEC) and EUMETSAT but we have also been involved in project for Telespazio Vega, Antwerp Space, etc…


Mandatory skills and relevant experience in :

  • Engineering of large, UNIX or LINUX based, complex, real-time data processing systems, including requirements specification, design, software maintenance or development, formal software testing and system integration;
  • Very good technical writing skills, in particular in the area of formal technical documentation (e.g. requirements specification and design documentation, test plans and procedures, maintenance procedures);
  • Source code control systems (e.g. Subversion, Git);
  • Software anomalies analysis, debugging, profiling, fixing and processing;
  • Additional skills and experience (considering as an added value) :

Operating systems and application software upgrades and/or porting to new platforms;

  • Object-oriented software design, implementation, and maintenance, including the use of UML/SysML based tools for supporting/documenting the design, at least at the architectural level;
  • Web technologies and programming (e.g. Apache, CGI, JavaScript, XML);
  • Programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Python);


The following responsibilities are foreseen (not limited to):

  • Contribute to the maintenance and development activities related to the Data Processing Systems/Application Software;
  • Contribute to the definition and design of architectures of data processing ground segments and their components, their interfaces, and the validation and verification methods;
  • Coordination/inputs to planning and preparation of releases;
  • Coordination with other Teams and/or Contractors to prepare introduction of new/upgraded components; as indicated by your Technical Officer;
  • Generation and maintenance of technical baseline documentation;
  • Contribute to the operations of existing data processing ground segments;
  • Participation in technical meetings and formal reviews;
  • Analysis of the maintenance requirements and identification, procurement or implementation of the tools required to fulfill them;
  • Setting-up and implementation of maintenance policies and procedures;
  • Perform routine tasks in operational systems under configuration control such as:
    • Anomaly investigations, documentation and classification;
    • Participation in relevant Anomaly Review Boards;
    • Follow up of the delivery of software resolutions for these anomalies;
    • Contribute to Configuration Management (change control practices);
    • Contribute to building and distribution of application software releases and patches;
    • Verification of correct facility installation for the assigned facilities;
    • Contribute to the development, integration and configuration management of software developed by third parties, its installation, and configuration and testing;
    • Perform software testing in a structured approach to verify that delivered software is fulfilling the requirements or to demonstrate that problems have been corrected;

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